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Type Of Ice Melt You SHOULD NOT Use On Roofs


roof safe ice melt

Are you winter-ready this year? You must be looking for a good ice melt that does not harm your property, particularly your roof. If so, you’re in the right place.

You see, icicles look beautiful, but they could pose a considerable problem such as:

  • breaking your shingles, causing a leak in your home.
  • blocking your gutter and roof system.
  • causing a fungus accumulation in areas around the shingles or the chimney.

Moreover, breaking an icicle may suddenly injure someone walking below. And these are only some of the problems. There can be several other problems that may trouble you. Therefore, you must invest in a good ice melt for roof.

Let us now find out the different types of ice melter for roof available in the market.

1. Sodium Chloride Or Rock Salt Or Halite

The most common type of deicing salt is Sodium Chloride. It is also known as Rock salt and comprises irregularly shaped crystals. Since they are relatively inexpensive, they are the most preferred type of deicing salts.

However, they work up to only 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. They can damage the freeze-induced expansion and contraction of the tiles and roof shingles. In addition, they are pretty toxic to the vegetation around and leave a whitish residue on the driveways and foliage when it dries off. It makes your surroundings look very untidy.

2. Magnesium Chloride

It is less irritating to skin, animals, vegetation, environment, concrete, metal, etc. However, it works down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit only. Anything beyond that or closer to zero degrees will cause the roof shingles and concrete to expand and contract, damaging it and making it an expensive affair for you.

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3- Calcium Chloride

They melt the ice quickly; however, they are not entirely safe for the vegetation, roofs, and concrete. In addition, they are exothermic and can cause cracks on the roof or around the chimney if there is a temperature variation.

4- Home Made

People look for homemade ice melt for roofs. They believe they are good and can be used for roofs as well. However, alternatives like alcohol, beetroot juice, rubbing alcohol, etc. are least effective and leave a stain and messy residue behind.

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5- Chemical-Free Ice melt

Safe Paw is one brand that can help you safely de-ice your roofs without causing them any damage. It is 100% salt-free and chloride-free, making it safe for the environment, your roofs, and your home in general.

This eco-friendly snow and ice melt is safe for use and does not affect the environment negatively, and can be used even when there are plants.

It contains a traction agent that prevents falls and ensures there are no slips.

It preserves and protects your roof. By knowing and understanding your roof; Safe Paw is designed to protect floors and roof surfaces. It is the best product to use so as not to destroy your roof

Thus, avoid using an ice melt that contains chemicals in any form- be it Magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, or sodium chloride. Choose a safer alternative with natural ingredients because your roof deserves equal care as any other part of your property.

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Author: Shweta Saxena

Shweta, a passionate pet lover and environmental advocate, has dedicated herself to promoting winter safety for pets. Living amidst the scenic, snowy landscapes of Canada, she expertly merges her love for animals with her exceptional writing talents. Her commitment is deeply rooted in ensuring the well-being of pets during the harsh winter months.

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