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Ice Melter Safe For New Concrete


Many ice melting products and salt products can and will damage concrete. If you want to have your new concrete last for years, you are going to want to use products that are safe and that will not damage your new concrete. You do not want to wait until the dreaded snowstorm has happened before you decide to go out and get your ice melter products. If you have a walkway, driveway, and/or steps that have concrete in them, you are going to want to be very careful of the products that you choose to put down to melt the ice.

Harmful Melting Agents

Salts that some people use for melting ice include sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride in them. Magnesium chloride is less damaging to concrete and it is also more environmentally friendly and will cause less damage to trees and plants because of how it releases less chloride into the environment than other salts, but is still not the best option.

Non-Harmful Melting Agents

One terrific way that you can make sure that your concrete will last and not get cracks in it is to use a ice melter product on your driveway and sidewalks that is safe for concrete. Many of these products are completely safe for concrete, pets, children, and for the environment as a whole.

The Safe Paw ice melter is 100% salt free and it is guaranteed to be concrete, pet and child safe. Safe Paw is the number one selling brand for environmentally safe ice melt that you can find today. It is also safe to use on asphalt, pavers, and decks that you have around your home. It will also not stain or destroy any kind of your flooring in your home.

Melts For Days

You will not find any kind of ice and snow melter that works as well as Safe Paw. It has a two-way timed released action. The liquid melts the ice instantly while breaking down surface tension. The proprietary traction agent will also provide slip protection. It also attracts solar heat to provide extra melting power during the daylight hours. Once the ice melter has melted the ice and snow, it will leave an invisible protection to prevent ice from sticking to surfaces for up to three days. It also makes shoveling much easier.

You can find Safe Paw ice melters in stores now. You do not want to wait to get your ice melter after the snow has started falling because it will be harder to find once the snow starts falling. You can also keep your pets safe this winter while using this ice melter.