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Safe Paw: An Eco-Friendly Ice Melt For Those Who Care About The Planet

A planet-safe alternative to rock salt. The best thing about Safe Paw is that it’s not just safer for the environment and animals, but it actually works better than salt and in most snow conditions.

Salt and chemical ice melts are harmful not just to you, your pets, and your property but to the planet as well. 

The melting of ice (contaminated with salt and harmful chemicals) is a major cause of water pollution in drains, rivers, canals, and ponds. These water bodies are at risk of increasing their salt content, damaging the balance in the food web and absorbing oxygen from the water, making it difficult for fish and other animals to survive.

Each time you buy salt or that chemical-based ice melt to remove snow, you add to this environmental pollution.

But we know you want to change that (that’s the reason you’re here reading this page).

Safe Paw Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt


Safe Paw- The Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

A Safe and Effective Alternative to Traditional Salt and Chemical-based Ice Melt.

Safe Paw is an all-natural, 100 percent natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly ice melt made from volcanic remains. Safe Paw is safe for you, your pet’s paws, your property, and the planet.

It doesn’t leave any residue behind. It won’t be harmful even if it percolates down. Your grass, plants, and foliage are safe!

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Eco-Friendly Ice Melt you can trust

    Safe Paw Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

    How Eco-Friendly Ice Melt Works?

    Salt Free Ice Melt

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    Safe Paw Eco-Friendly Ice Melt

    Here’s What Our Customers are Saying About Safe Paw

    Safe Paw is an environmentally friendly deicer
    “Safe Paw is the best environmentally safe ice melt I’ve ever used! It melts the ice on contact and doesn’t leave a residue. Plus, Safe Paw is an environmentally friendly deicer, so it’s safe for pets and kids to play on as soon as it starts to melt.”
    Sophie J
    It’s a safer, more environmentally safe alternative
    “Safe Paw is more than an ice melter, it is a complete ice management solution. It’s a safer, more environmentally safe alternative to other chemical products on the market. When we first started using Safe Paw, I was surprised at how little of the product was needed for each application.”
    Delmar Sammons
    safe for my plants unlike salt or chemical ice melts.
    “I used to use rock salt, but it would get everywhere and hurt the grass. Safe Paw is totally different. It’s easy to use and works great. It is eco-friendly and safe for my plants unlike salt or chemical ice melts. You can use it on your sidewalk or in your driveway.”
    Jean Schmitt

    Got Questions? Let’s Answer Them.

    Yes. Salt is bad for the environment and water bodies. It causes the water to become too salty and makes it difficult for fish and other aquatic life to live in it.

    Unlike salt, Safe Paw is non-toxic, all-natural, chemical-free, and environmentally safe deicer. The primary ingredients include modified carbonyl diamide crystals, special glycols, and non-ionic surfactant accelerants to melt the ice quickly and prevent it from refreezing.

    If Safe Paw percolates down to natural water bodies when used on roads and sidewalks, it does not affect the quality of water. Safe Paw is non-toxic, so it won’t harm animals if they drink it.

    The answer is no, Safe Paw is not toxic to plants. In fact, it contains ingredients that promote plant growth.

    Yes. Safe Paw provides an extra layer of packaging that checks the product’s reaction with any external element, including air, moisture, and sunlight, so you can safely store and use it in the next season.

    Safe Paw will work on any concrete more than 12 months old. As long as your new concrete has had a chance to cure for at least a year, you’ll be able to use Safe Paw without worrying about damaging the surface. Testing on a small patch is recommended to ensure that the surface will not react adversely to the product.

    If you have any concerns about applying Safe Paw, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts.

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