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Eco-Friendly De-Icer


Winter is a wonderful season. Waking up to watch the snowfall can cheer up anyone. Everything is so beautiful about the winter wonderland filled with landscapes of snow! But anyone living in such a place would know that it is not all fun and games.

Snow adds a heavy burden to your daily schedule. It is impossible to just get up and drive to work. Snow from walkways and driveways have to be shoveled away first! What makes this daunting task easier is this great invention: Safe Paw ice melter.

How do ice melts work?

Deicers or ice melts, as the name states, literally melt the ice away! It is not magic though. They work by lowering the melting point of snow. When they are spread on a snowy surface, they instantly melt the snow transforming it from hard ice crystals into a “slush”. This can then easily be tossed off whatever surface you spread it on.

One major concern with ice melts is the use of their key ingredient: rock salt. Most deicers in the market are a mixture of table salt and chlorides of Calcium or Magnesium. The use of salts effectively melts the ice but they have a number of side effects. They cause the skin to become irritated and dry. They can also cause irritation in the throat or stomach distress if they are swallowed. The solution to this dilemma is NOT avoiding snow melts, but opting for an eco-friendly deicer. This is where Gaia Enterprises comes to the rescue!

Why should you trust Safe Paw?

Safe Paw is a natural ice melt, introduced by Gaia Enterprises. We believe in making products that have zero adverse effects and are 100% eco-friendly while working effectively. Safe Paw is no exception. As a result, it is free of any and all harmful chemicals, corrosive salts, and dyes. All of the ingredients used in this deicer are completely natural, so you can keep your friends, family, and pets safe! The same goes for your property whether it is made of concrete, brick, or stone. Safe Paw or Safe Thaw by Gaia Enterprises works at all temperatures. So, it will melt the ice away no matter how hard or thick its layer is! These products have also been approved by the FAA to be used on runways and jetways!

How it works

Instead of being a mixture of harmful salts, Safe Paw consists of a crystalline amide core. This core is infused with traction agents and glycol admixture. This product has a two-step action plan:

First, it reduces the surface tension of the snow to begin the melting process. Then, to speed up the melting process, the amide core further destabilizes the ice.

In the second step, the traction agents step in. They form a shield over the surface, preventing ice and snow from sticking to it! Their effect can last up to three days. They ensure your hard work is not over in a jiffy. Gaia Enterprises offers two buying options. It all comes down to the quantity you need to buy.

Residential Use: This means you need this product for personal use. Gaia Enterprises have a number of retailers in the United States, Canada, and online! You can see the full list on their website! Check it out to find a store near you or order online!

Commercial Use: This means you need to buy this product in bulk. For this, you need to fill out an online form at their website to be approved. Then you can contact any of their distribution partners to get your order!

Safety is imperative in all walks of life. With an eco-friendly de-icer such as Safe Paw from Gaia Enterprises, keep your pets, children, and property safe! Place your order now and see how Gaia Enterprises will never disappoint you.

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