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3 Things To Check In Your Ice Melt For Trex Deck

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Your composite deck adds aesthetic value to your home. Maybe it’s the best corner in your home where you enjoy your family time. For decking, Trex is a popular choice as it gives you the eye-catching look of rich wood with the durability of a composite. It certainly looks beautiful when covered in snow, but we can’t leave it like this.

Homeowners from the countries with knee-deep snow are worried about cleaning snow and ice from their decks in the frigid weather. 

How do you clear snow from your Trex deck? Not sure if you’re using the best way to do the job? In this article, we’ll talk about 3 easy ways to get rid of snow from a Trex deck. We will also talk about the properties your ice melt should have.

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3 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Snow From A Trex Deck

1- Prepare the deck

Before the snow hits, there are a few steps that you can take to prepare it for the season. Start by cleaning your deck by sweeping leaves, pine needles, and any other debris with the help of a firm bristled broom or a leaf blower. Remove any furniture if kept on it so that it does not corrodes or comes in the way while cleaning the snow.

2- Remove snow manually

Although conventional, shoveling is a popular method of clearing snow and ice from your deck. If you are using a shovel, make sure to use the one with a plastic blade. Even some plastic shovels that have a sharp metal blade can scratch and damage the surface. When you are clearing the snow with a shovel, remember to use it in a path parallel to the deck board. 

3- Ice melt

Another quick and easy way to get clean your Trex deck is using an ice melt. An important point to note here is that not every ice melt is safe for your deck. Almost every ice melt in the market contains chemicals and toxins that can affect the shine and longevity of your Trex deck.

What To Look For In An Ice Melt?

Natural ingredient:

There are ice melts are salt-free and chemical-free compounds and are composed of natural ingredients. One such product is Safe Paw. It is a unique and patented dual-effect compound made up of a crystalline amide core infused with special glycols. Since there are no harmful chemicals in its composition, this ice melt is non-corrosive. Nothing is more delicate than your kids and pet. And if it is safe to use around them, then it’s definitely safe for your deck.

Able to prevent ice & snow from sticking:

Your ideal snow ice melt should also work as pre-treatment. Few ice melts can prevent ice from sticking to surfaces for up to three days of using it.

Pet friendly:

If your deck is frequently visited by your pet, then the snow ice melt should be pet-safe. Your non-corrosive ice melt should not burn its paws or poison the pet if ingested.

Make sure to wash off the ice melt residue left on the deck.

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