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How To Melt Ice Without Damaging Concrete

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During the winter, ice can freeze on concrete outside our homes and create an extremely dangerous, slick surface that can cause slips and falls to occur. Many people choose to apply rock salt to their concrete steps or pavement. However, these salts can cause concrete to become damaged over time.

Using salt to melt ice on a regular basis pits the cement used for our walkways, steps and other concreted areas. Once the cement pits, it will eventually crack or cause potholes in your surface.

Also, if salt comes in contact with metal, such as the frames on your patio furniture, it can cause corrosion and rust. Fortunately there are safe alternatives to using salt that you can try in order to stay safe this winter.

Safer Ice Melting Alternatives

The best way to remove ice and snow from your steps or driveway is to use a shovel. However, many times shoveling the snow just isn’t enough and an ice layer can be left behind. Therefore you will need to use other methods to break up, melt or gain traction on the ice. Here are a few ice-removal alternatives to using salt that will not cause damage to your concrete surfaces.

Safe Paw

Safe Paw is one of the few ice melt products on the market that can be used around pets and children, and it will not cause harm to your concrete walkways. It has even been considered the best ice melt for concrete.

Heated Stair Mats

If you have concrete steps outside your home chances are you or someone else in your family has slipped on them once the temperatures begin to drop. Falling on concrete steps can cause serious damage and these falls need to be prevented as much as possible Heated stair mats can be placed on your steps to prevent slipping They safely melt the ice without causing any danger to your surface, pets or children.

Cat Litter

Using natural cat litter is a great way to provide yourself with traction on the ice that you can not remove any other way. This can help you to prevent slips and falls naturally without causes harm to your outdoor surfaces. Using a biodegradable brand of cat litter will guarantee that there are no harsh chemicals or toxins being spread around. Plus it is safe to use around pets, children and plants. Sprinkle some cat litter on icy spots so that you can walk across without fear of falling.

Gravel, Wood Chips or Straw

Gravel, wood chips and straw are great ways to add traction to icy surfaces that can be safely used. It is a good idea to treat surface areas before a snow begins to fall to help prevent the ice from accumulating, however if that isn’t possible these alternatives to using salt should do the trick.

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