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Best Ice Melt Safe For Concrete


Every winter tons of ice-melting materials are applied to driveways, walkways, and steps quite often without any regard for correct application procedures or even any knowledge of what they may contain. Unfortunately, careless usage of ice melting products can result in damage to property and the environment.

Having some knowledge about your options when it comes to ice melts can go far toward making a winter a safer season for you and your family or clients and customers. Choosing a safe ice melt that will not damage your concrete is vital and the correct application can extend the longevity of these surfaces.

Concrete Needs Care

Because concrete is a porous material it absorbs moisture, particularly when new or of poor quality. After it has absorbed moisture and temperatures drop below freezing, the water inside freezes and expands. This results in chipping and flaking damage to the concrete. Often this is blamed on ice melting products but is actually a natural occurrence in the freeze and thaw process. If used correctly and manufacturer’s instructions are followed carefully, applying an ice melt to your concrete will be very effective and not in the least harmful.


Fortunately, there is a very safe solution for melting ice on concrete surfaces with the added bonus of being environmentally, family and pet friendly. Safe Paw is a proven product endorsed as a PTPA Green Product that you can feel totally confident in using.

Why Safepaw Is Best For Concrete Surfaces

Being one hundred percent salt-free, it is a unique compound with a time released action. It has core of crystalline amide that is infused with glycols providing a non-corrosive structure. In contrast to the rock salt and other salt-based ice melting products which contain potassium chloride or sodium chloride and can only work to 24 degrees; it is effective at much lower temperatures and works to 2 degrees below zero. Salt based products are slower to work and often the crystals will sit on the surface of snow and ice for long periods before they penetrate, presenting a hazard for pets and children if they should digest the ingredients.

Additionally, the residue of salt that is left behind can damage concrete, pavers, lawns, wood, and decking. It can also be tracked inside to damage floor coverings and wooden floors.  Safepaw is one of a kind as it has the major benefit of containing no salt unlike the other ice melt products in the market. Finally, if you need an instant traction product to walk on your sidewalks or to simply get your car out of the driveway than we recommend Traction Magic.

Top Product

Being a top selling product it is readily available in all cold weather states in hardware stores, grocery chains, pet supply stores and veterinarian offices. This winter, you now have all the important information about ice melt products and the knowledge needed to choose a reliable and thoroughly safe solution. As you are using this easy to apply product and removing all your winter ice concerns you can feel fully confident that you are not harming your concrete, family, pets or the environment.