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Is Ice Melt Safe For Concrete?

Concrete Safe Ice Melt

Every winter tons of ice-melting materials are applied to driveways, walkways, and steps quite often without any regard for correct application procedures or even any knowledge of what they may contain. Unfortunately, careless usage of ice melting products can result in damage to property and the environment.

Having some knowledge about your options when it comes to ice melt can go far toward making winter a safer season for you and your family or clients and customers.

Choosing a safe ice melt that will not damage your concrete is vital and the correct application can extend the longevity of these surfaces.

Why Was Claire Looking For Concrete Safe Ice Melt?

Last winter, Claire shifted to her own home from a rented apartment. The family was excited about it, especially her two kids. Finally, they have a yard to play with their pet dog and their garage and driveway. The house was everything they were looking for, spacious, well maintained, with a yard and concrete driveway.

As the snow time arrived, she started looking for ways to remove snow. She went through various methods for cleaning snow from her concrete while keeping it safe.

Shoveling early and removing the fresh snow before it freezes into a treacherous hard ice layer is one of the most efficient strategies to keep your steps clear of ice. Shoveling, on the other hand, is arduous, time-consuming, and taxing on the back. Furthermore, when dealing with a frozen coating of ice, shoveling it away becomes difficult and can result in injuries from slip and fall incidents. Claire was not keen on this method as she hardly had time to take this time and energy-consuming task.

Claire found out that using ice melt is an easy way for removing snow and ice from your concrete. You can buy ice melt from any nearby shop or can order it online. She got to know that there are many brands in different price ranges available in the market.

The traction agent does not melt the ice; instead, it increases friction and reduces the risk of slipping and falling. Sand, wood shavings, sawdust, and kitty litter are among the most common organic materials. In comparison to ice melt, traction compounds are less hazardous and cost-effective, but they are less successful at making the surface non-slippery. Hence, Claire concluded that she needs a snow removal method, not a traction agent for her driveway.

Plugin the snow mats, and they will quickly begin melting the snow. They save time by reducing the amount of snow you have to shovel, but they are pricey and use electricity. The mats also have a finite lifespan and are susceptible to normal wear and tear. From Claire’s point of view, it was a useless expenditure for her.

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Claire’s Search For Safe Ice Melt

After going through all options, Claire decided that using the ice melt is the best option. She wanted to get a safe ice melt for concrete, for her kids and pet. Claire went to the nearby store and told her requirements to the shop owner. On shop-owners recommendations, she got herself the best ice melt for concrete.

After using this ice melt a couple of times, she realized that it is not removing snow effectively and instantly from her driveway. Moreover, it was leaving behind a messy white residue. Her pet also suffered from paw burns after playing in the snow treated with ice melt. She felt miserable and a bit lost.

Then she met her next-door neighbor, who was enjoying her winters without any snow worries. She shared her problem with her, and said ‘Even though I use the recommended ice melt on my driveway, still I am facing so many problems.’ The neighbor told her to do her research and to find out the best ice melt solution as per her requirement. There are various harmful chemicals in ice melt that can injure pets and even kids. These chemicals can easily corrode your concrete and asphalt.

Claire realized her mistake and vowed to research her ice melt before buying it. As the spring arrived, she found out that her ice melt has not caused her winter problems throughout the snow period but has also damaged her concrete. Her flawless concrete was now having pockmarks and scaling. She was heartbroken, but at the same time, she was eager to find out more about concrete-friendly ice melt and how to protect your concrete from ice and chemicals.

Pet And Concrete Safe Ice Melt

Safe Paw Ice Melter Roof

Safe Paw

The Original and the #1 Pet and Child Safe Ice Melt for over 20 years. Guaranteed environmentally safe – will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.

Why Does Claire Need To Remove Ice From Concrete?

You may have seen the pock-marked driveways in front of buildings in cold regions, as well as the thick flaking of bricks or stonework. It is known as freeze-thaw damage because it occurs more frequently during the daily freeze-thaw cycles in which the winter sun rises in the morning, warms, and melts a layer of snow on the outside. 

The water soaks into the brick or stonework, the night-time temperature drops below freezing, and small ice crystals form. The sun rises again, warming the surface, melting the ice in the fissure, allowing more snowmelt to flow into the crack. When the sun sets, the water freezes and expands, widening the crack. It can continue until bricks come apart and structures crumble. 

The accumulated ice and snow not only damage the concrete but are a huge risk for all family members and the neighborhood. This slippery surface can cause slip and fall accidents.

Why Concrete Needs Care?

Because concrete is a porous material it absorbs moisture, particularly when new or of poor quality. After it has absorbed moisture and temperatures drop below freezing, the water inside freezes and expands. This results in chipping and flaking damage to the concrete. Often this is blamed on ice melting products but is actually a natural occurrence in the freeze and thaw process. If used correctly and the manufacturer’s instructions are followed carefully, applying an ice melt to your concrete will be very effective and not in the least harmful.

What Did Claire Find About Common Ice Melt Chemicals?

The most popular and least expensive deicer is salt, used on many public paths and streets. Salt exists in many forms, but sodium chloride, which is quite similar to the salt we use in our food, is one of the most common. Rock salt damages both physical structures and materials, as well as the ecosystem. 

It can harm both old and new concrete, as well as asphalt, stone, and brick. Even small amounts of this salt can contaminate nearby soil, altering its composition and harming grass and plants. It is also poisonous to pets and has the potential to contaminate groundwater.

Calcium Chloride corrodes metals and destroys carpets and tiles. Although it is less harmful to plants than other chemicals, excessive use can be disastrous. 

Calcium chloride melts ice quickly, but it also collects moisture, making surfaces soggy and slick. As a result, the likelihood of a slip and fall incidence increases. It can induce tongue and throat burns, increased thirst, vomiting, and stomach pain in pets. The chemical may irritate the skin and eyes if not handled with suitable gloves. 

Another significant disadvantage of calcium chloride ice melt is its relatively high price. It is a less tempting and realistic alternative for consumers who require a large amount of ice melt.

Potassium chloride, or KCl, is a potassium-based fertilizer regarded as beneficial to plant health. It is more environmentally friendly and safer for pets, except those with kidney disease. 

It is more expensive, with costs of 50 pounds ranging from $20 to $50. It is found in ice melt combinations rather than as a stand-alone brand. It is mixed with more harmful chemicals, making it a menace to the environment and more corrosive. As a result, concrete driveways are not safe.

In extreme cold magnesium chloride, ice melt works. But the melting process slows substantially and may even come to a standstill when the temperature goes below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, using this product in this temperature range is pointless. 

Furthermore, cats, children, wildlife, and even people get poisoned by magnesium chloride ice melt. When contacted, it can cause eye discomfort, skin irritation, and burns. It can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea if consumed. It corrodes metals and absorbs atmospheric moisture. If too much water is absorbed, your concrete will remain damp and vulnerable to decay.

Safe Paw – Concrete Friendly Ice Melt

Fortunately, there is a very safe solution for melting ice on concrete surfaces with the added bonus of being environmental, family, and pet friendly. Safe Paw is a proven product endorsed as a PTPA Green Product that you can feel totally confident in using.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Why Is Safe Paw Best For Concrete Surfaces?

Being one hundred percent salt-free, it is a unique compound with a time-released action. It has a core of crystalline amide that is infused with glycols providing a non-corrosive structure. In contrast to the rock salt and other salt-based ice melting products which contain potassium chloride or sodium chloride and can only work to 24 degrees; it is effective at much lower temperatures and works to 2 degrees below zero. Salt-based products are slower to work and often the crystals will sit on the surface of snow and ice for long periods before they penetrate, presenting a hazard for pets and children if they should digest the ingredients.

Additionally, the residue of salt that is left behind can damage concrete, pavers, lawns, wood, and decking. It can also be tracked inside to damage floor coverings and wooden floors.  Safe Paw is one of a kind as it has the major benefit of containing no salt, unlike the other ice melt products in the market. Finally, if you need an instant traction product to walk on your sidewalks or to simply get your car out of the driveway then we recommend Traction Magic.

How Claire Bought A Concrete Safe Ice Melt?

After her research, Claire knew what kind of ice melt is safe for concrete. But to crosscheck her facts, she visited the Safe Paw site and read reviews and testimonials. She also talked with the company representative and, here is what she found about the product.

Product Description

Environmentally friendly — won’t affect streams or fragile wetlands. Ice melt that hasn’t been used for indefinite shelf life. Safe Paw is a proprietary compound with two effects. When the liquid component breaks the surface tension of the ice, it begins to melt rapidly. The crystal core can then swiftly penetrate and destabilize the ice, speeding up the melting process. All of this happens as a special traction agent from Safe Paw keeps you from slipping. Safe Paw draws heat to increase its effectiveness. The sun effect is used in an endothermic reaction to melt snow. 

  • It is non-corrosive and non-conductive, making it safe to use on hardened concrete. 
  • Even if swallowed, pets and children are safe.
  • Use 12 times as much as you would with salt in this concentrated formula! On the surface, it lasts 72 hours! 
  • Environmentally friendly formula with no salt, chlorine, or acetate.

Top Product

Being a top-selling product it is readily available in all cold-weather states in hardware stores, grocery chains, pet supply stores, and veterinarian offices. This winter, you now have all the important information about ice melt products and the knowledge needed to choose a reliable and thoroughly safe solution. As you are using this easy to apply product and removing all your winter ice concerns you can feel fully confident that you are not harming your concrete, family, pets, or the environment.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


After doing her research and talking with experts, Claire finally found out which ice melt is safe for concrete. This year she is all set to welcome winters as she has planned to keep her kids, dog, and concrete safe. We should avoid using any toxic chemical responsible for disturbing our delicate ecological balance.

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