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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Car Defrosting

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Car defrosting is a pain in winters but fret not; we know to help you with how to remove ice. You cannot directly apply hot water to the car, damaging the windshield and denting the car. You cannot scrape the ice off the car as it will scratch it, making it an expensive long-term affair. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have the proper tools and techniques to help you ease the car defrosting process.

Let us take a quick look at all the dos and don’ts ofhow to remove ice from the car. 


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Switch On The Car Heater 

Switch on the car heater or defroster first thing in the morning when your car is covered with snow. Leave the defroster on for around 15 mins or so to allow the windscreen to start defrosting. After a while, you can scrape off the remaining snow quickly from the windshield. The heat inside will also help melt the icy layers on the rear screen and the car’s body.

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Use top-quality deicer or deicing spray to remove the excessive layer of snow and ice. You can make a homemade deicing solution with alcohol, water, and dish wash soap, or buy a safe deicing solution from the nearest home depot, such as Safe Paw, to make the process easier. Once you treat the car with the deicer or apply Safe Paw, the ice will start breaking and melting. Then use an ice-scraper to remove whatever ice or frost remains on the car windshield, rear screen window, etc.

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Lukewarm Water

You can pour lukewarm water on the door handles but never on the windscreen. The direct contact with warm and cold will cause the windshield to destabilize, causing long-term damage. Once the ice melts, wipe it off with a cloth and open the door.


Hot Water

Do not put hot water directly on the windshield as immediate contact between hot and cold will lead to cracking of the windscreen. In addition, hot water will not melt the ice but turn into frozen water as it comes in contact with the cold air.

No Metallic Scraper

Do not use a metal scraper to remove the extra layer of snow and the remaining layer of ice from the car. There are high chances of scratching the entire vehicle and increasing your expenses later. Instead, always use a soft silicone scraper or a thin bristle brush for the car windscreen.

External Heat

Don’t try to become experimental by using any external heat such as from a blow dryer to defrost the windshield or the car in general. External heat with extreme cold will only cause the icy layer to reform, making the process quite unworthy. Besides, it will also cause you to damage your windscreen due to the freeze/thaw cycle.

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There are a few basic dos and don’ts that help our cars remain safe during peak winters. Using a Safe Paw ice melt helps to not only deice the vehicle but also helps to deice the layers around the house. It is an all-purpose ice melt to remove ice under the most challenging weather conditions.

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