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Traction On Ice


Ice is known to be a major contributor to traffic accidents throughout the winter months. Maintaining traction on ice can help keep you and your family safe, even in the harshest of conditions.

Conditions for traction on ice

Successful driving on ice lies with good traction, usually linked to good tires, including winter tires, studded tires and all weather tires with proper tread. Drivers are always advised to inflate their vehicles’ tires properly for conditions and check on tread depth prior to your icey excursions.

1) Tire chains

Chains  are normally used during winter seasons on larger vehicles that need traction for a short amount of time. If you are traversing a mountain pass, you may find a need for tire chains for a short distance. When in use, you should reduce your speed of travel to limit damage to your vehicle. Chains are a good short term solution, for short travel distances.

2)  4-wheel drive

In order for one to move swiftly in an ice-caped region, you can use a 4-wheel drive vehicle instead of the 2-wheel drive vehicle.  4-Wheel drive vehicles allow the tires that stick to the ground to move the vehicle while tires that slip have no traction. But even with the 4-wheel, driving on these surfaces is still a dangerous proposition and may cause serious injuries and loss of life and property.

3) Salt-based ice melt

Traditionally, salt-based ice melt has been used to aid traction on ice by breaking the ice using the compounds to disintegrate the surface for passage of vessels. However, an environmentalist has raised a red flag that salt-based ice melt is incredibly hazardous to the environment and perilous to the domestic and young people. They posit that these harmful rock salt must be done away with from the environment at all cost thought people must also travel.

The need to reduce the cost of operation and raise the level of safety on transport networks has led to the invention and inception of a company known as the Safe-paw. The company has devised a mechanism that breaks the ice in a natural manner with no harmful chemicals or perilous salts being used in the process making it 100% safe. The roofing materials will not be affected, the concrete walls will be safe and so will be the walkways.

Safe Paw use materials made of modified crystalline amide components mixed with a unique glycol admixture as well as traction agents. When put to use, the liquid component melts ice on the sport as it breaks the surface tension. The crystal core then permeates through and destabilizes the ice hastening melting. Once safe paw has done away with the ice and snow, the traction leaves behind what can be seen as a “shield” preventing ice from forming for a duration of three days. This technology is applauded because It can be used in all weather and seasons and will cause the little effect on plants, concrete buildings as well as stone walls.

In need for a traction modality that will be pocket-friendly and environmentally conscious, look no further than Safe Paw products. Though manufactured in America, the products can be bought the world over trough Amazon and purchasing can easily be done online.

Transport is one of the most important auxiliary services which support trade. It opens the remote areas and improves the living standards of people from all walks of life. No society can exist without a transport mechanism in the modern world, hence a solution must be invented for the people living in the ice caped regions. Good news, Safe Paw has come up with an alternative to the residents in the area by inventing a safe method of traction on ice for facilitating movement in the area.

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