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Best Ice Melt For Roofs

Roof Safe Ice Melt

Ice melt, especially in countries that experience winter seasons where snow and ice fall from the sky throughout the day, is a very sensitive topic. Winters can get dreadful if you don’t have the right equipment to deal with all that follows. Excessive snow, or layer of ice beneath it, and even the never-ending cycle of slipping and falling, can make your winters quite wistful. People are looking for easier and simpler ways of addressing the issue without any extra damage arising.

If you don’t invest in roof ice melt solutions, there is a high possibility of damaging the shingles. Many people are looking for the best ice melt products that will have no negative or any significant side effect on their environment, pets, and even damage to their properties e.g. roofs. Safe Paw has proven to be the best ice melt on the roof.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


What Problems Does Ice On The Roof Pose?

While icicles look beautiful, they could pose a considerable problem for you if they are allowed to remain.

  • They may break your shingles, causing a leak in your home.
  • They can block your gutter and roof system.
  • A broken icicle may suddenly injure someone walking below.
  • They may eventually cause a fungus accumulation in areas around the shingles or the chimney.

Although there can be a hoard of other problems, these are the ones that are on top recall by almost every person. The best is to invest in ice melt safe for roof shingles and see the magic happen.

Safe Paw is one brand that can help you safely de-ice your roofs without causing them any damage. It is 100% salt-free and chloride-free, making it safe for the environment, your roofs, and your home in general.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Consider The Following When Purchasing Ice Melt For Your Roof:

  • First, determine the type of material or surface that your roof is made from. Some of the ice melt used might be corrosive when applied and come into contact with certain specific materials.
  • Determine the level of safety of using such ice melt chemicals on your roof. Some of them have negative effects on pets, green plants, and whose effect may sometimes be lethal.
  • Read the user manual carefully before using the chemicals and apply them in the right amounts or employ a professional to do the work for you.
  • Ice melt for the roofs assures you of no need or reason for you to climb to the roof to remove the ice. Ice melt can be used without climbing on the roof which is always slippery and wet whenever it snows.

Best Ice Melt On Roofs

Safe Paw Ice Melter On Roof

Safe Paw

The Original and the #1 Pet and Child Safe Ice Melt for over 20 years. Guaranteed environmentally safe – will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.

What Type Of Salts Do People Use As Roof Ice Melt Solutions?

You have an icy roof covered with a layer of snow; what do you do?

The most common solution for many people is to use salts. These can be in any form or type- liquid or solid, magnesium or acetate, anything.

But you need to know what type of salt is available in the market. At the same time, not all people are interested in chemical-based salts. Some prefer natural roof ice melt solutions, such as Safe Paw, but we will walk you through the availability in the market.

The Widely Used Compositions Are:

The most common type of deicing salt, Sodium Chloride, also known as Rock salt or Halite, is widely used amongst people across the country. It comprises irregularly shaped crystals. Since they are relatively inexpensive, they are the most preferred type of deicing salts.

However, they work up to only 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and damage the freeze-induced expansion and contraction of the tiles and roof shingles. In addition, they are pretty toxic to the vegetation around and leave a whitish residue on the driveways and foliage when it dries off. It makes your surroundings look very untidy.

Its ice melting capacity reduces if the temperatures come anywhere closer to the freezing point.

Another popularly used ice melt for roofs is magnesium chloride. It is low in toxicity and less corrosive than any other chemical-based counterpart. However, it doesn’t mean it is 100% safe either.

It is less irritating to skin, animals, vegetation, environment, concrete, metal, etc. However, it works down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit only. Anything beyond that or closer to zero degrees will cause the roof shingles and concrete to expand and contract, damaging it and making it an expensive affair for you.
It comes in a flake and pellet form.

Another popularly used deicing agent, Calcium chloride, comes in liquid, pellet, and flake form. Pellets are widely used for households and residential settings, while liquid-based salt and flakes are used for larger settings or overhauls.

It works up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit but has to be used very carefully. It is because it has a higher concentration of chloride, and if exposed to the human body or any pet, it may cause skin irritations.

They melt the ice quickly; however, they are not entirely safe for the vegetation, roofs, and concrete. In addition, they are exothermic and can cause cracks on the roof or around the chimney if there is a temperature variation.

The safest roof melt is Safe Paw today. It helps you maintain clean and green foliage with no salt and chloride composition and keep your property safe.

Both these are again one of the most common ice melts used around cold regions of the country today. However, although they are perceived to be safe, they might not serve your purpose of a completely natural and environment-friendly roof snow melt solution.

Urea is effective up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and potassium chloride is effective up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit. They are both irregularly shaped whitish crystals. They might not directly attack the vegetation or concrete, but it does leave a whitish residue after it dries up. Like with other chlorides, it may damage concrete because of the thaw and freeze cycle.

Blends are a combination of any one of the chemicals mentioned above and rock salt. Since each deicer has a different melting point, if mixed with rock salt, they give off more heat and increase the ice melting process.

However, here comes the tricky part. Because of the freeze and refreeze process, the metal or concrete is bound to expand and contract, damaging it eventually. In addition, each of the chemicals is quite corrosive and may impact the environment as well.

For example, magnesium and sodium chloride can be combined to approximately reduce the melting point to -12 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it may melt the snow faster and eventually damage the vegetation, stairs, driveway, and sidewalk. Blends are also a popular choice amongst people due to their fast melting process. However, today, with more conscious buyers in the market, the attention has shifted to more naturally occurring roof melt, such as Safe Paw.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Instructions To Use Any Ice Melt

Always read the label and instructions before using any ice melt for roofs. You need to keep track of the quantity required on different types of roofs, the area, etc. Every roof requirement is different, depending on the size of the house. 

The application of the ice melt makes all the difference. You cannot randomly apply it or spread it over the roof. It needs to be done methodically and carefully, or else you may overuse or underuse it. This may further end up costing you heavy repair costs after the ice melts, over a period of time. 

The instructions also provide ways to keep you safe from the products in case your eyes or nose, or any other body part, comes in direct contact with it. Whether it is humans or animals, we are responsible for our own safety. 

The instruction manual guides also guide us to clean the product from the driveway after it melts from the roof and trickles down. It will help you in keeping your vegetation and driveway clean and residue-free. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Investing In A Roof Snow Melt

Regular rock salt or chloride-based ice melts are more potent than naturally occurring ingredients. In addition, prolonged usage can damage the roof tiles and shingles, making them difficult to handle and expensive to replace.

The effectiveness of any ice melt depends on the time it will take to melt the ice on the roof and how much quantity might be needed.

You have to be prudent in applying roof ice melt solutions. There are high chances of corroding the shingles if the ice melt is not used properly. 

For example, rock salt may not harm the asphalt shingles as much, but it will rust the nails used to keep them in place. So instead, Safe Paw is the best roof ice melt solution because it comprises 100% environment-friendly materials that are pet safe and kid-safe.  

You need to use the only ½ the quantity of rock salt but with triple the effectiveness.

Once the chloride-based ice melt mixes with water, it runs down the sloping roofs, falling on the plants and flower beds around you. Hence, it makes sense to invest in an ice melt that will not harm your waterways, gutters, and your cured concrete after the ice starts melting.

Benefits Of Using Safe Paw Ice Melt For Your Roof

  • This eco-friendly snow and ice melt is safe for use and does not affect the environment negatively, and can be used even when there are plants.
  • It contains a traction agent that prevents falls and ensures there are no slips
  • Preserves and protects your roof; By knowing and understanding your roof; Safe Paw is designed to protect floors and roof surfaces. It is the best product to use so as not to destroy your roof

Ice melt products are mostly composed of chemicals. Safe Paw is comprised of traction agents that prevent falls and any slips. It also has a modified crystal compound that has a dual effect when used. It melts the ice and also provides adequate protection for your roof for over three days. It also contains a special mixture of glycol. Safe Paw is also salt-free and safety of use is guaranteed.

Ice melt chemicals can be found in supermarkets, hardware stores, home centers, and other retails shops. You can purchase Safe Paw from the same places. Safe Paw has green pellets in appearance and that can be used to differentiate it from the other ice melt products.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Ice Melt For Your Roofs

  • Know your roofs and surfaces well before buying any ice melt products
  • Always wear protective garments to protect yourself.
  • Choose an ice melt product that has the least negative effects.
  • Ensure that you install a water repellent material below your roof to prevent water from sipping in.

The best tip on how to use ice melt products on your roof is to ensure that there are no formations of ice dams and Safe Paw provides this assurance by attracting sunlight during the day which provides more heating power thus a high ice melting rate.

Using a proper ice melt safe for roof shingles will go a long way in protecting your masonry and gutters. Safe Paw proprietary traction agent offers slip protection, lasts more than 72 hours on the surface, and is salt-free, chlorine-free, and acetate-free formula. It proves safe for your foliage, concrete, bricks, asphalt, metal, and the environment in all. Despite multiple products available in the market, Safe Paw has emerged to become the preferred choice for many buyers because of its effects.

We want to help you protect your home and your environment, one step at a time. 

Buy Safe Paw ice melt for your roof today.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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