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5 Ways To Melt Ice On Your Roof In Columbus

Safe Paw Ice Melter On Roof

As per Almanac, winter temperatures in Columbus will be above normal, on average. But there will be cold periods in early and mid-December, from late December into early January, in early to mid-January, and in late January. The snowiest period of the season was in early and mid-December and will be from early to mid-March. Before you start making plans for fun-filled winter activities, let’s first plan for keeping winter hazards away. Getting rid of snow and ice from your premises is one of the biggest winter woes we all face. Removing snow from your roof is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, you will decrease the likelihood of ice dam formation and avoid excess weight on your rooftop. Secondly, you will apply a non-corrosive ice melt for effective snow melting.

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In this article, we will talk about five ways to melt ice on your roof.

1. Using Snow Rake Or Ice Pick

Firstly, you have to identify specific areas where you can find ice dams, then use a snow rake or ice pick to remove them. Use a snow rake to scrape-off snow buildups in a downward motion. Prick the ice dams with caution until they crack and chip away. 

Be careful with handling the snow rake or ice pick as it may damage the roof itself, or you may hurt yourself.

2. Using Rock Salt To Melt Ice

It is one of the most common substances used to melt ice. But remember that it contains corrosive oxidizing agents. It is not a proper ice melter for the roof as it can damage shingles, nails, eaves troughs, and other fittings.

3. Ice Melt For The Roof

Ice melt chemicals can easily be found in supermarkets, hardware stores, home centers, and other retailer shops. They are the most effective and painless technique for melting ice. 

While choosing an ice melt for a roof, go for an environmentally friendly ice melt that is salt-free, chloride-free, acetate free and does not contain any toxins. It will be beneficial if it comprises traction agents that can prevent any slip and accidents. Luckily, there is ice melt that is salt-free and provides adequate protection for your roof for over three days.

4. Installing Heating Cables

They offer protection from the buildup of rooftop ice dams while cleaning out your gutters and keeping drainage clear. But be ready for a hike in your energy bill and be sure to unplug them when warmer temperatures arrive.

5. Spraying Warm Water To Melt Ice

It is a temporary technique only used for removing a small amount of snow from the rooftop. Put warm water inside the bottle and spray it on the ice formations until it melts. You need to handle hot or warm water with care to avoid accidents.

With these hacks to remove snow from your roof, you can save a lot of time and effort. And once you have time, then there are plenty of things to do to keep you warm and toasty all season long. 

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