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What To Use For Snow Melting And Cleaning A Flat Roof

Safe Ice Melt On Roofs

Flat roofs are popular in houses because they are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and fashionable. They’re easier to install than other types of roofing. However, when exposed to external forces such as changing weather, they are prone to cracks and leaks. Heavy snowfall and ice provide additional issues for your roofing and can damage your structure. The best way to avoid such damage is by using a safe ice melt on roofs. Let us know more about what to use for snow melting and cleaning a flat roof.

How Snow Damages Your Flat Roof

With no outlet for runoff, snow can pile on your flat roof. It can put undue strain on the construction of your building. 

When the snow melts, water can seep into the crevices on your flat roof. It can compromise the structural integrity of your structure and should be cleared as soon as possible. 

Leaks on a flat roof can be because of ponding water and the freeze-thaw cycle. Although they are gradual disorders, they are not simple to detect and can cause significant damage.

What To Use For Snow Removal

Ice Melter For Roof

By reducing the freezing point of water, ice melts effectively melt snow and ice. But salt-based ice melts can be nearly as corrosive on flat rooftops as they are on concrete and asphalt pavements. A chloride-free and eco-friendly ice melt like Safe Paw is a non-toxic and non-corrosive alternative to salt-based ice melt. It dissolves ice, relieves stress on a flat roof, and channels drainage. While you can fill stockings with the safe ice melt and lay them on the snow and ice after a storm, spreading a layer of non-corrosive ice melt on roofs before a storm is a preventative approach.

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Shovel It

The least expensive way of snow removal is shoveling snow off a flat roof. Shoveling snow that is hard-packed or wet is not only difficult but also dangerous. Snow is heavy, and lifting the weight of the snow from the entire roof is difficult for a single person. More crucially, if a flat roof is already weakened by the weight of snow and ice, adding an adult male to the mix could result in the roof collapsing.

Lay Electric Cables

Electric de-icing cables or radiant heating melt snow and ice from roofs and gutters. Ice dams and structural roof damage can be caused by snow and ice accumulation over time. However, be prepared to suffer the high costs of installation and energy consumption. 

Professional Services

Snow removal from a flat roof is less expensive if you do it yourself. A professional roof-cleaning firm is a wise consideration because of the inherent health concerns associated with lifting snow and the pressures impacting a flat roof after a snowstorm. However, it is not a cost-effective alternative.

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Now that you know how snow affects flat roofs and how to protect them, the next step is to figure out how to get ice melt that is safe, non-corrosive, and ecologically friendly. You can safeguard your structure for years to come by picking a high-quality product and utilizing it every winter.

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