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How to Keep Your Dog Fit & Healthy

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Your dog is your best friend, and you want them to lead their best life.

Ice Melt Alternatives

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Removing ice from walkways, steps and the driveway and having a product that will help get your car going in slippery conditions are winter essentials. However, some of the best-known ice melt products are not safe to use. The “cure” is almost worse than the problem. For example, most traditional ice melt uses some form […]

The Dangers of Potassium Chloride Ice Melters

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Many parents, pet owners and wildlife lovers wrongly assume that potassium chloride rock salt is the same stuff they put on their food, only in larger form. They conclude that if it is safe to eat, it must be safe to use on their sidewalks, steps and other icy surfaces – surfaces where children and […]

The Dangers of Sodium Chloride Ice Melters

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Sodium chloride (NaCl) is the primary mineral ingredient in some types of rock salt and alternative ice melters. It is also the formula for table salt, but does that make it a safe product for melting ice? There are several reasons NOT to use sodium chloride rock salt for melting ice around your home or […]

Chicago Weather Warning: Snowy Weather as Winter Spreads Thoughout Midwest

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A winter blast is packing single-digit wind chills and could bring the Chicago area several inches of snow this weekend. Wednesday was a cold and blustery day, with high temperatures in the upper 20s and wind chills in the teens. High will remain below freezing through Sunday. Right now, a polar low-pressure system is just to […]

What temperature does salt & ice melt work?


Quickly removing ice from walkways, driveways and decks prevents slip-and-fall accidents that can cause serious injury. The problem with most ice melters, however, is that they are formulated with chemicals harmful to children and pets when ingested or brought in contact with their skin. They also damage driveways, kill vegetation and harm flooring when tracked […]

Salt Hazards

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Salt Hazards Typical warning label found on rock salt and salt-based ice melt products: “Danger! Keep away from pets and children wear rubber gloves and goggles when using. Wash contaminated clothing and call doctor immediately if contact with eyes or ingested.” A recent national survey shows that 60% of American households use rock salt and […]

Ice Melting Products That Cause Less Damage To Your Concrete Surfaces

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There are a number of ice melt products that cause less harm to concrete. A larger number of people tend to think that concrete is impervious to almost every substance. The fact of the matter is that concrete acts almost like a blotter and as such, it absorbs some of the chemicals used as deicers. […]

Salt Isn’t Ideal For Melting Ice

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When the ice and snow from winter storms arrive, people usually look for the most efficient and easiest means of melting the ice. Salt has for many years been used for melting the ice. Below we will discuss the potential damages from salt and non-salt products in regards to both the local vegetation as well […]

Sidewalk Ice Melt Products Concrete

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Winter is approaching, now while that has some fun parts, having your concrete sidewalks buried in thick ice pileS and being stuck indoors because your door is held by heavy snow build-up could make your joyous winter a blizzard nightmare. You might want to resort to using ice melt products to get along with the […]