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Handy Checklist To Removing Snow From A Flat Roof

Ice Melt That Won't Harm Concrete & Roof

There is nothing more worrisome than ice accumulation on your roof. It is tough removing it from the driveways and sidewalks; imagine it on your rooftop! And if they form multiple ice dams, the process gets more delayed. While most ice melt products are chloride and salt-based, it is challenging to come across an ice melt that won’t harm concrete and, at the same time, protect your roof surface, gutters, and storm drain. 

Flat roofs are one of the most popular styles of roofing over commercial and residential buildings. They are easier to build than other roof styles but need maintenance and upkeep if not done correctly. 

However, before you use a safe concrete ice melt, you need a clear checklist before proceeding with melting snow from a flat roof.  

Non Corrosive Ice Melt

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Safe Paw

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The best part of having a flat roof is that it is easy to clear the snow. Unlike roofs with shingles that need special soft shovels to remove excess snow buildup, flat roofs use concrete ice melt and regular shovels. Of course, you must remember to remove all the snow before using any ice melt. 

Ice Dams

If you see any ice dams around the roof, you must be careful to remove them immediately. Melting snow is good as long as it does not wreak any havoc on your roof. When melting snow goes down the storm drain, there is a high chance of it refreezing because of the chill in the air. However, we must ensure that the drain remains clear by using ice melt that won’t harm concrete for the ice to flow smoothly. 

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Pre-Treat Your Roof 

Like your driveway, it is best to pre-treat your roof as well. By using sustainable and environment-friendly ingredients and materials, you can ensure no leakage in your roof when the snow is melting. After shoveling the snow off the top, spread environment-friendly concrete ice melt such as Safe Paw that will help you remove the remaining icy layer quickly. 

Clear Storm Drains 

You must remove any excessive fall leaves before the snow settles on your roof and clear your storm drains and gutters of dry leaves. It is one of the most significant factors of roof leaks and ice accumulation. In addition, if the storm drains are not clear from any debris, there is a high chance of snow getting stuck or the ice melt getting stuck, causing further damage. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


Safe Paw is designed to meet all your winter requirements because it is sustainable, 100% environment-friendly, and uses only all-natural ingredients. Its unique combination of glycols and dual-patented compounds makes it one of the best ice melt that won’t harm your concrete on the roof and the driveway. In addition, since it is salt-free and chloride-free, it does not leave any residue or remnant after the ice melts, keeping your driveways and roofs clean. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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