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Ice Melt Ingredients & Chemicals That Affect You

Safe Paw Magnesium Chloride Ice Melter

Ice melt products will vary tremendously in terms of their ingredients. There are plenty of different ways to melt ice and plenty of different chemicals that are commonly used in ice melt products. Some ice melt ingredients are more common than others and customers can trust that certain generic brands will utilize a certain range of chemicals. However, customers can always look into the wide range of ice melt products that are out there in order to find the best products on the market today.


A great deal of the most common ice melt products that are on the consumer market today uses chemical compounds with a chlorine component. Some ice melt products will mainly use sodium chloride, while others will use calcium, potassium, or magnesium chloride. Manufacturing these types of ingredients is less costly than manufacturing and distributing other ingredients, but the chlorine component carries its own set of drawbacks.

Ice Melt Safe For Pets And Kids

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Harm Within Reach

Many people learn to accept the residues from these sorts of chlorine-based ice melt products as a fact of life and an inevitable part of winter living. However, there are also concerns that these sorts of snowmelt products may be harmful to pets and young children. Children are prone to touching unclean surfaces and licking their hands. It’s even possible that some of these residues may irritate the skin. Some parents or pet owners may pick different varieties of ice melt products simply due to safety concerns. People need not put up with these kinds of health risks or the inconveniences that the chlorine-based residues can create.

Safe Alternatives

Ice melt products that use glycols are becoming increasingly popular as well. Safe Paw for instance, is a new ice melt product that was manufactured without any salt, in sharp contrast to many other ice melt products. As such, Safe Paw does not have the toxicity of many competing varieties of ice melt products. Consumers that are aware of health and ecological issues should consider ice melt products like Safe Paw. The ingredients in many of these alternatives will produce excellent results, which may rival those of the chlorine-based products.


Manufacturers will usually label their products very clearly, knowing that many people have something very specific in mind when they are purchasing their ice melt products in preparation for the first snowstorm. Customers that are concerned about the ingredients in specific products should go to the company website in question, which will probably provide a detailed ingredients list, assuming there wasn’t an ingredients list available with the packaging. Typically, pet and concrete safe ice melt products have short ingredients lists, in sharp contrast to many processed foods. Every new ingredient is an additional expense and many of them will prove unnecessary when it comes to successfully melting ice.

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