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How Safe Paw Ice Melt Works


How Safe Paw Works

  • Safe Paw is made of a modified crystalline amide center, interspersed with glycol admixture and also contains traction agents.
  • The liquid component begins melting ice immediately while breaking surface tension.
  • The crystal-core effectively penetrates and destabilizes ice, thus speeding up the melting process.
  • Safe Paw leaves an invisible layer of protection which helps prevent ice from sticking to surfaces for up to three days.

The Benefits of Safe Paw Ice Melt

  • Safe Paw is guaranteed as safe and nontoxic for pets and children
  • Safe Paw is environmentally safe
  • Safe Paw is 100% salt-free
  • Begins working immediately
  • Will not damage decking
  • Safe to melt snow and ice on asphalt, concrete, and pavers
  • Safe for plants and shrubs
  • Helps to prevent slips and falls
  • Will not stain, damage or destroy flooring
  • No contamination of water or well supplies
  • Safe Paw is non corrosive
  • Works up to -2 degrees below zero
  • Easily distinguishable from other ice melters (Safe Paw is a green pellet)
  • Attracts and also retains solar heat
  • Provides extra melting-power during daylight hours
  • Does not give off heat
  • Fastest ice melter on the market
  • Highly concentrated and extremely effective
  • Makes shoveling easier due to “Teflon” effect
  • Leaves an invisible protective shield
  • Prevents ice from sticking to the surface for up to three days
  • Available nationally in cold weather states

Tips for Using Safe Paw Products

Store Safe Paw indoors and at room temperature to ensure maximum performance.

Spread Safe Paw before winter precipitation.

To assit melting black ice or other smooth ice surfaces, with a shovel roughen or scratch the ice surface before you apply Safe Paw. This breaks the surface tension allowing Safe Paw to begin working immediately.

Safe Paw can be used as a traction agent if your car gets stuck in snow or ice. Just clear the ruts and sprinkle Safe Paw around the tires to increase traction. For the best traction on preciestant snowy and icey surfaces check out our other product, Traction Magic.

With Safe Paw, you don’t need to use as much as other ice melting products. Safe Paw is extremely effective. In fact, applying excessive amounts could lead to the browning of grass or temporarily coloring surfaces. If this does occur, simply reduce the amount of product you are using and follow these steps:

    • If grass becomes brown, water the affected area and hold off on fertilizing.
    • The color should return by the end of spring.
    • Surface coloring from overuse is temporary and will fade over time when exposed to water and sunlight.
    • To speed up the fading process use OxyClean or a similar product.

Safe Paw is 100% salt-free and environmentally safe to use. You can use it in more places than other salt-based ice melters. Safe Paw can be safely used anywhere you are worried about ice.

Where Safe Paw is Available?

Safe Paw is available throughout the United States and Canada. Consider shopping locally and get your Safe Paw today using our store locator. You can find Safe Paw for the home at these businesses: 

  • Amazon 
  • Hardware stores
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Pet supply stores
  • Grocer/drug chain stores

Commercial and Government entites can find out more about our bulk services through our distributor network

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