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Things to Consider When Buying An Ice Melt

Safe Paw Non Corrosive Ice Melt

Buying an ice melt may sound like a complicated job but it’s quite easy as long as you know what to consider when purchasing ice melt.

In this article, we’ll look at some questions to answer so that you only get the best ice melt for your home or office and whether you wish to use it on the driveway or roof.

#1 How Extreme Is The Situation

Weather changes from city to city. Some towns receive heavy snow while some receive low to moderate snow. The ice melt you choose largely depends on the weather condition of your location, in addition to the type of snow.

There are two types of products on the market – endothermic and exothermic – based on how they work.

The former is mainly composed of sodium chloride, a type of salt that absorbs heat found in the atmosphere. This option is suitable for regions that receive mild snow.

The latter is mainly composed of calcium chloride, a type of salt that releases heat upon coming into contact with water. This option is suitable for regions that receive heavy snow.

However, if the climate in your region is unpredictable then it’s best that you choose an ice melt without salt, like the Safe Paw Ice Melt that is suitable for all weather conditions and does not come with the side effects that typical ice melts pose.

Paw Safe Ice Melt

Safe Paw Ice Melt Safe For Dogs

Safe Paw

The Original and the #1 Pet and Child Safe Ice melter for over 20 years. Guaranteed environmentally safe – will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.

#2 Where You Intend to Use It

Safe Paw Natural Ice Melter

People use ice melts on all kinds of surfaces from driveways to roofs. Since ice melts are made using a variety of compounds and chemicals, some are better suited for specific situations.

Have a look at the exterior of your building to ensure there is no risk of corrosion. Low-quality ice melts can damage wood, metal, concrete, and asphalt, hence if you want to use ice melt on the driveway then pay attention to the material it is made up of.

If you search the web for ice melt on the driveway, you will come across several products including some that promise quick results. 

While they’re effective at doing the job, they can be bad for the surface as ice melts that contain salt can lead to cracks, especially if your driveway is less than two years old.

This happens because they change temperature too quickly, which the surface cannot handle.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Our product does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe for all kinds of surfaces, whether you wish to use it to clear your driveways, sideways, or entrance.

Marked Environmentally Safe, our ice melt offers instant melting without causing any harm to your property.

#3 Your Specific Needs

Safe Paw Ice Melter Safe For Dogs

Think about your specific needs and answer these questions:

  • Are there plants around my house?
  • Do I have kids in the house?
  • Are there pets walking around the house?

This is very important because ice melts can damage plants and cause injuries to children and pets.

Some ice melts contain harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the body if inhaled or licked. This is why it is important to be careful when using ice melts around pets and kids.

Stepping on ice melt can result in blisters and injuries. Moreover, they can also damage vegetation.

To solve this problem, we have created a product that’s 100% safe as it contains no harmful chemicals and works in a secure manner.

Check this toxicology report and have a look at our impressive line of products to know more about what we offer.

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