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Melting Snow From A FLAT ROOF: Points To Remember

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Flat roofs are a popular architectural feature in all types of homes. A flat roof is attractive and functional on anything from a simple lean-to to a multi-million dollar mansion. Flat roofs are easier to install, less expensive, and require less maintenance.

Flat roofs have several advantages. They’re less expensive to build if you’re building a house. They’re also easier to get to. But that’s where the benefits end. In the winter, ice and packed snow can cause a flat roof to collapse. Snow and ice should be removed. There are a lot of tools; ice melts are available. You can use homemade deicer for concrete driveways too.    

What Is The Maximum Snow Capacity Of A Flat Roof?

Roofs must also withstand significant weight pressures from wet snow and ice during the winter months. As the snow melts, gable and other roof styles with angles can shed a significant amount of snow. Because of this inability to shed snow, it’s crucial to figure out how much snow a flat roof can support without causing structural damage. Snow’s weight is determined by the amount of water it contains. Dry snow can weigh anywhere from six to eight pounds per cubic foot. Determine how much snow has accumulated at ground level to determine the amount of snow on your roof.

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Things To Keep In Mind


The least expensive method of snow removal is shoveling snow off a flat roof. Shoveling snow that is hard-packed or wet is not only challenging but also dangerous.

Cables Made Of Electricity

Ice dams and structural roof damage can be caused by snow and ice accumulation over time. Electric de-icing cables or radiant heating melt snow and ice from roofs and gutters. This energy cost may be higher than a shovel or concrete ice melt, but it is much less expensive in the long run than a roof leak or collapse.

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Ice Melt

By lowering the freezing point of water, rock salt and calcium chloride effectively melt snow and ice. Concrete ice melt can be nearly as corrosive on flat roofs on concrete and asphalt pavements. Magnesium chloride, a less toxic and corrosive alternative to ice melt, is far less toxic and corrosive. It melts ice, relieves stress on a flat roof, and channels runoff when spread on a flat roof. At the same time, you can fill stockings with magnesium chloride and lay them on the snow and ice after a storm; spreading a layer of magnesium chloride on the roof before a storm is a preventative option.

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Heavy snowfall and ice present additional challenges for a flat roof that must be addressed quickly to avoid damage to your structure. You can keep yourself and your property safe in winter with proper planning and maintenance. When the roof is covered in snow and ice, it can be dangerous for homeowners to clean it. You can protect your flat roof for years by choosing a high-quality product like the SafePaw ice melter. A snow rake can assist you in clearing snow from the ground level. A leaf blower and Homemade deicer for concrete driveways can assist in blowing off some of the snow that hasn’t been iced over. A safe ice melt is well worth the money spent to protect your health and the structure of your home.

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