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Natural Ice Melt


When the heart of winter falls upon us, we intuitively prepare for what lies ahead after a bitter snowfall. We break out our snow shovels in preparation to dig out our vehicles. We prepare to bundle up in our heavy coats, scarves, hats and gloves. We can’t forget those thick heavy-duty snow boots that help to keep our feet warm and dry. Once we have dug our vehicles and walkways out of the mounds of snow, we then find ourselves at the mercy of a treacherous thick sheet of ice. The next call of action is to grab that bucket of ice melting granules and start tossing generous amounts onto those walkways so prevent falls that can lead to serious injuries. Its an inevitable process that most of us encounter each year.

While ice melting products are a proven solution to combat those icy walkways and driveways, they can be harmful to both animals and humans. Most of these products that are intended for home use can cause skin irritation with prolonged exposure. There have been cases reported where children have become ill from playing in snow that was mixed with ice melting products. Pets that become exposed to these products can experience skin irritation and it can dry out their pause. They can experience irritation in their mouths as well just from their instinct to clean their paws to remove the annoying residue they experience after being outside.

Most of these products contain sodium chloride or potassium chloride. These chemicals are relatively safe for the most part but problems can still arise for both humans and animals. They are not healthy for the environment either. They are harmful to plants and trees.

The company, Gaia Enterprises, Inc recognized the need for a safer product that was not only safer for the environment, but safer for humans and animals. Safe Paw was introduced in 1998 as an ideal solution to these harmful salt-based products. Safe Paw is the only all-natural ice melting product on the market that is salt free. The harmful chemicals known to be found in common ice melting products such as sodium chloride is not used in SafeP aw. While there is always a risk of skin irritation when using these types of products, Safe Paw is 100% salt free and guaranteed safe for the entire family. The manufacturer guarantees that it is safe for children and pets. They also guarantee that Safe Paw will not harm concrete, pavement and wood decks and it will not stain or destroy any of these surfaces mentioned. It is safe for plants and shrubbery.

The proprietary agent found in Safe Paw creates traction when used to prevent slips and falls. Safe Paw will leave a residue for up to three days which will make shoveling walkways and driveways easier and there is no need to reapply daily. It is recommended by veterinarians, animal shelters and groomers as a safe alternative to harmful ice melting products that are salt based.

Safe Paw is the only product on the market guaranteed to keep your children and pets safe. With its prolonging Teflon effect, shoveling walkways and driveways becomes easier. With that in mind, this chore becomes safer for you as well. Natural ice melt can be found in some select specialty pet supply retailers and on the official website.

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