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7 Fun Facts About Rock Salt

Best Ice Melt Safe For Concrete

Rock Salt or sodium chloride or NaCl, is one of the most commonly used ice melting ingredients in cold and chilly regions. It is extracted from the core of the sea bed and underground rock formations by residential and commercial establishments alike. 

While we know it is not a concrete-safe ice melt, let us take a quick look at the seven fun facts about sodium chloride or rock salt. 

1. Another name for rock salt is ‘halite’ which is the Greek word for salt. The chemical name is sodium chloride. It is different from regular table salt because it is purified and contains the necessary iodine content. 

2. Evaporated sea beds and lake beds are the best places to extract rock salt. However, it is also mined from underground beds or salt mines in heavy quantities throughout the year. Interestingly, Utah has one of the oldest salt mines in the country dating back to the 1950s, holding salt dating back to 150 million years. 

3. One of the largest salt mines in the world is the Sifto salt mines in Goderich, Ontario, Canada that produces nearly 26,000 tonnes of salt per day. It runs deep under Lake Huron and goes on for almost 7 to 8 kms. 

4. It can appear to have different colors depending on the isotropic differences. The most commonly found color is the Himalayan Salt that is pink in color.

5. Besides being used in road safety, it is also consumed as edible salt after purification. 

6. It has anti-caking properties, making it suitable for long-term storage or use straight away, even in sub-zero temperatures. 

7. Rock salt with anti-caking properties is popularly used by retail stores, offices, and large commercial establishments with a heavy footfall. The area covered with this salt tends to be cleaner and does not become a brine or slush mess. However, while it is used in heavy quantities, it is not the best ice melt safe for concrete

You can use rock salt as a single product or as a blend. However, it provides temporary relief and is not a concrete-safe ice melt.

Does Safe Paw Contain Any Rock Salt? 

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Rock salt does more harm than good to the environment. However, like every change, shifting from rock salt is not easy. The fun facts give us a sneak-peek into the different ways to mine salt or extract salt from the deepest parts of the seabed or dried river beds. Since Safe Paw is non-corrosive and non-conductive, it does not harm your pets or concrete. It will melt ice almost without worrying about property damage and is an ice melt safe for concrete too. 

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