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Non-Toxic Ice Melt Products

Safe Paw Ice Melter Pet Safe

Finding the best ice melt is not as easy as it sounds. Not every product labeled “safe” is non-toxic. So, what is a non-toxic ice melter? Non-salt deicer is free from harmful chemicals making it safe for the environment, pets, and humans. Some ice melt products cause damage to concrete surfaces, cars, and pets, including scaling and flaking, color corrosion, vomit, and diarrhea brought about by these products.

We suggest categorizing non-toxic ice melting products into three categories; natural occurring, mechanical and non-toxic de-icers.

Three Types Of Ice Melting Products

1. Natural Occurring Safe Ice Melt


As plain as it sounds, this is a good ice melt and a traction agent. Sand is most convenient because you can use it in large and small areas. It is cheap and easily available. But make sure to clean it after each application.


As crude as it may sound, ashes serve as good de-icers. It melts ice fast and provides traction. But you need to burn enough wood to make this natural ice melt

Sugar Beet Juice

Beet juice is also a common de-icer. It melts ice and it is safe for the environment and animals. It will leave your walkways and driveways with a purple hue. After every application, you need to clean and wash the surface to avoid staining.


This is a natural ice melter. It is safe for pets and the environment.

Baking Soda

It is simple to use but not effective. It contains salt, which helps to keep ice from freezing. You must, however, avoid using the soda-sprinkled path right away. 

It is better than nothing and will provide some traction on icy terrain. This homemade ice melt will take a lot of time while doing very little.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


2. Mechanical Ice Melter

Snow-Melt Mats

These mats work by continuously clearing ice and snow from the surface. They come with a good grip that offers prevention to slip and fall accidents.

Heated Mats

They are used the same way as snow-melt mats. They have an electro-plastic material that makes them strong enough to withstand harsh weather and last long. They are for outdoor use.

Battery/Electric Snow Blowers

As the name suggests, these machines are used to blow ice and snow and consequently melt it away. They are good to use in large areas.

3. Non-Toxic Family Safe Deicers

Safe Paw ice melt is a non-toxic environmentally safe ice melter product to use around your family, pets, and home. This sub-zero-effective ice melt is safe for concrete, decking, and lawns. It is the best snow melt product for homeowners and pet owners.

Safe Paw Ice Melter Safe For Concrete

Safe Paw

The Original and the #1 Pet and Child Safe Ice Melt for over 20 years. Guaranteed environmentally safe – will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.

Here Are A Few Guidelines To Help You Buy The Safest Ice Melt.

Be sure to read the application instructions as some of these require application prior to snowfall and others can be applied on top of snow and ice.

Make sure you read the label. The products you buy must be branded salt and chloride free and much better if it is labeled “pet safe” or “kids’ safe”. Also, find out more about the ingredients used. Get on to Google search and find out the safety of common ingredients or chemicals used.

Do not be lured to buy cheap products. “Cheap is always expensive.” Ingredients used to make safe ice melt agents cost more, so they will be more expensive.

While rock salt is the cheapest de-icer, it is the most dangerous to plants, animals, concrete, and asphalt. It’s critical to consider the environment and the surrounding area. It includes your premises as well. Is it reasonable to save money on a product only to have to spend time later repairing or replacing a driveway, sidewalk, steps, or walkways?

Safe Paw, according to one review, is better for the environment and animals. This ice melt is also safe to use on asphalt driveways and pathways. It does not leave behind any messy residue. This natural alternative ice melt is entirely safe for plants, pets, and kids. You can use it safely without worrying about the toxic effects of chemicals on your kids, pets, and greenery.

Unlike most ice melters that claim to be safe for pets and concrete, brick, and other hard surfaces, another customer claims that Safe Paw is safe for all of these. There is no salt in Safe Paw, not even rock salt. It is a non-corrosive ice melt and is safe for all surfaces. Despite the statements on the label of most rock salts, especially those advertised as pet safe, rock salt is not safe for dogs or concrete. 

One of the proud pet owners admits that this non-chloride ice melt helps him save time and effort. Moreover, he need not worry about the burned paws of his furry friend. In winters, he had enough time to enjoy his fireplace with cocoa rather than worrying about shoveling snow.

Before purchasing the product, read the online product description. It will give you a clear idea about its ingredients and how the ice melt works. For example, the online product description of Safe Paw tells us the following facts about the product.

Guaranteed environmentally safe – will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands. Unused ice melt is good for years with an unlimited shelf life. Safe Paw is a patented dual-effect compound. The liquid component starts melting ice instantly while breaking its surface tension. It allows the crystal core to quickly penetrate and destabilize the ice and speed up the melting process. All this while Safe Paw proprietary traction agent provides slip protection. Safe Paw attracts heat to make it even more effective by using the solar effect.

  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive formula – safe on cured concrete!
  • Pet and Kid Safe even if ingested.
  • Concentrated formula – use ½ of what you would use with salt! It lasts 72 hours on the surface!
  • Salt-free, chlorine-free, acetate free, environmentally safe

The good news is that natural ice melt is salt-free and suitable for both children and pets. It is awarded for being safe for people, pets, and the environment. Some of the awards and articles referring to this environment-friendly ice melt are

  • United States governmental agencies awards
  • Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Green Product Seal of Approval https://www.ptpamedia.com/services/parent-tested-parent-approved-seal-of-approval/ for products that are family-friendly and effective.
  • Inclusion in the Whole Green Catalog. http://www.health.com/health/article/0,,20428277,00.html – 1000 Best Things for the Earth

Even in frigid temperatures, after the ice has melted, this ice melt is present on the surface of pathways, steps, porches, decks, patios, and wherever else you need safe, dependable footing to resist ice. Pediatricians, veterinarians, and wildlife experts all suggest it.

To begin with, not every product on the market is safe for you and your concrete since some manufacturers sell snowmelt containing chemicals or salts that are harmful to children, pets, plants, and concrete. 

These drugs are hazardous to your and your family’s health. They can damage the surface of the concrete and produce cracks, especially if it is new. It’s critical to select a product that is both safe for people and beneficial to concrete. It’s also worth noting that these products are harmful to both the environment and the surface. 

Choose a non-toxic, salt-free ice melt. It will not only keep you safe, but it will also assist in the preservation of nearby vegetation.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Is Ice Melt Toxic?

The word ‘non-toxic’ clearly indicates that the de-icer should be free from any kind of toxins/contaminants. Ensure you get an ice melt that does not contain any of the harmful chemicals listed below. All the below-mentioned chemicals are not only toxic but are corrosive as well.

  • Sodium Chloride

This is what forms rock salt. When ingested (mostly by pets), it irritates their gastrointestinal system. It is also detrimental to their paws when salt gets logged into their paws.

  • Potassium Chloride

Similar to sodium chloride, when ingested, it causes gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhea.

  • Magnesium Chloride

Once ingested, irritation and gastrointestinal distress occur. So, magnesium chloride ice melt is equally hazardous.

  • Calcium Salts (Calcium Chloride, Calcium Magnesium Acetate, And Calcium Carbonate)

These salts are very harmful. When ingested, they cause severe local irritation and gastrointestinal distress as well.

The Use Of These Chemicals Can Be Dangerous 

  • They are poisonous 

Sodium chloride can poison pets and children. Sodium chloride is similar to table salt in appearance, but it is deadly because it includes many impurities. Rock salt can cause irritation, rashes, and burns in your pets’ eyes, skin, and paws. Every year, the Poison Control Center receives several calls from children who have swallowed ice-melting crystals.

  • Damages the concrete

Salt or chloride-based ice melt can cause severe damage to concrete and asphalt roads that are otherwise quite durable and sturdy. Newly constructed driveways are particularly vulnerable to this type of harm. 

  • Weakens the rooftop

A brine solution is formed when salt and water infiltrate into the fissures of the concrete. The freeze-thaw cycles of the absorbed water harm the surface as the temperature rises and falls, resulting in cracks.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

How Does Non-Toxic Natural Ice Melt Work?

This combination combines two ice-fighting chemicals, each with its function. When the innovative outer core comes into touch with ice, it instantly liquefies. It starts to melt, breaking up the slick ice surface. It enables the crystalline amide core to penetrate deep into the ice, thus completing the melting process and providing you with long-term protection. 

Glycol, which defrosts the ice and prevents additional freezing, is included in this salt-free ice melt proprietary composition. It not only melts the ice but also protects the surface from ice accumulation in the future. It is safe and will not harm the environment, unlike rock salt. If you are looking for an ice melt safe for concrete and pets, you can use it with complete peace of mind. 

Non-Toxic And Chemical-Free

It is a chemical-free, non-toxic ice melt. Most ice melting salts contain chloride in some form or another. These harmful compounds cause discomfort and itching in our four-legged pals’ paws. They may also erode driveways and paths. Thankfully, we offer natural ice melt that is safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free to keep your winters clean and safe.

Capable Of Long-lasting Protection

Your ideal ice melter should also be capable of acting as a pre-treatment. Few ice melts can prevent ice from sticking to surfaces for up to three days after usage. This natural ice melt’s proprietary composition works for three days to keep ice from clinging to the surface. As a result, shoveling becomes a simple task. 

It will also keep melted ice in a liquid state for a longer time, preserving and extending the life of your concrete. It means that when the ice melts, it will not refreeze frequently, thus effectively ending the freeze-thaw cycle.

Environment Friendly And Completely Safe 

Some of the most popular ice melt you have heard about are dangerous to use. Chloride, which is hazardous to pets, is found in the majority of them. It can cause skin irritation and a burning sensation in the eyes and nose. If eaten, it can lead to nausea and other health issues. Chlorine-free, natural ice melt solution will not burn your pet’s paws or poison if ingested. It does not include any salt. It does not damage plants nor pollute water bodies.


In conclusion, always put safety first. A good non-toxic ice melt should melt snow and ice and keep the environment and animals safe. Buy Safe Paw and you will not regret it. It is our choice because it delivers. Clear your sidewalks, driveways, storefronts, and anywhere else with the best.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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