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The Best Ways To Remove Ice From Composite Decking

Ice Melt For Composite Decking

As winter blankets outdoor spaces with ice and snow, ensuring the safety of your composite decking becomes a priority. The use of best ice melt for composite decking raises questions about both efficacy and potential damage. In this guide, we’ll address these concerns and provide insights into the safest ice melt practices for composite decking. From cleaning snow to preventing ice formation and ensuring a slip-free surface, we’ve got you covered. Throughout the article, we’ll subtly introduce Safe Paw as a reliable option for protecting your composite decking.

A composite deck is a vital investment that provides homeowners an outdoor space for various activities. It adds value to your home by offering space, style, and an exclusive area to entertain your guests. As soon as the first flake of the snow falls, we start worrying about cleaning it from the decks and rooftops. Slippery decks pose a severe safety risk, so it becomes crucial to keep them free from ice and snow. Removing snow from your composite deck is a cinch, but only when you have chosen the correct tools and safe ice melt solution.

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Here are the 3 best ways to remove ice from your composite decks without causing damage to its surface.

1. Sweep and Shovel

For removing light snow from the decks, you can use these time-tested methods. But they are useless during heavy snowfall or if your deck is big enough as it will require a lot of manual effort and time. To get rid of light and soft snow, you can use a leaf blower or a plastic bristled broom.

In case you plan to clean your deck by shoveling, ensure that you have the right tool to do so. Never use metal shovels or sharp-edged tools on your composite deck, as they can easily scratch their surface. A plastic shovel or a rubber edged shovel is the safest bet for a composite deck. Ensure to shovel in a path parallel to the deck board while removing snow, otherwise, you will end up with irreversible damage to the deck surface.

2. Rock Salt

It is another commonly used method of removing ice and snow from composite decks. It penetrates the ice and forms a solution of water and salt known as brine. Since its freezing point is lower than water, the ice starts melting. Many people are unaware that salt only lowers the freezing point of water to around 15–20 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is futile to use it during very cold weather.

Rock salt may leave a chalky residue on the deck, so it needs to be cleaned regularly after every use. Avoid using rock salt if you have children and pets, as it can cause gastrointestinal disorders when ingested. It should not be used near vegetated areas as it can destroy your flora.

3. Simple and Safe Ice Melt

There are different types of ice melt solutions available in the market, all of which have different chemicals and serve distinct purposes. They can effortlessly help in removing ice even in extreme temperatures. If you have children and pets who love to visit your deck, opt for an ice melt that is pet and kids safe.

Most ice melt products have harmful chemicals that can corrode the metal that is holding your deck. These toxic ice melts can also spoil the vegetation. Therefore, settle upon a simple and safe ice melt solution free from maleficent chemicals and keep your composite deck safe.

So, this winter let’s take a break from your worries of splintered or faded deck boards and go for the best ice removal technique. With your little planning and preparation, your composite deck will be all set for hosting barbecues in spring.

Q. What kind of ice melt is safe for composite decking?

Choosing the right ice melt for composite decking is paramount. The safest ice melt for composite decking is one that effectively melts ice without compromising the integrity of the deck’s surface. It’s crucial to opt for ice melt products specifically formulated for composite decking, like Safe Paw, to ensure that you’re safeguarding your investment.

Q. What you should and shouldn’t do to clean snow off a composite deck?

Cleaning snow off a composite deck requires care. While using a plastic shovel is recommended, avoid metal shovels or sharp tools that could scratch the surface. Additionally, refrain from using ice picks or chipping away ice, as this can cause irreparable damage.

Q. Can I use ice melt on my deck?

Using ice melt on your deck, especially composite decking, is a valid consideration. However, not all ice melt products are suitable. Standard rock salt, for example, can lead to discoloration and potential damage. Opt for ice melt products like Safe Paw that are designed to be safe for composite decking.

Q. How do you stop ice from forming on composite decking?

Preventing ice formation on composite decking requires proactive measures. Applying a preventative ice melt before the freezing weather arrives can significantly reduce ice buildup. Safe Paw, in particular, is designed to create a protective barrier, preventing ice from bonding to the surface.

Q. How to remove ice from composite decking?

Removing ice from composite decking should be done with care. Gentle methods, such as using a plastic shovel or broom, are recommended. To prevent scratching or damage, avoid using metal tools or excessive force.

Q. How to make composite decking less slippery?

Composite decking can become slippery when wet or covered in ice. To enhance traction and reduce slipperiness, consider using anti-slip decking strips or anti-slip paint designed for decking surfaces. Safe Paw’s ice melt properties also contribute to creating a safer, slip-free surface.

Q. The do’s and don’ts for maintaining your deck during winters?

Maintaining your deck during winters involves adhering to specific practices. Do use safe ice melt products like Safe Paw, apply preventative measures, and gently remove snow and ice. Don’t use abrasive tools, harsh chemicals, or excessive force, as these can cause damage to your composite decking.

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Navigating winter’s challenges while protecting your composite decking requires informed decisions and safe practices. By opting for ice melt products like Safe Paw, you can ensure effective ice removal without compromising the quality of your deck. Proactive measures, cautious cleaning, and slip-prevention strategies contribute to maintaining a safe and attractive composite decking surface throughout the winter months.


A. Yes, Safe Paw is designed to be safe for use on various surfaces, including composite decking. It effectively melts ice without harming your deck.

A. Regular rock salt can potentially damage composite decking. It’s advisable to use ice melt products specifically formulated for composite decking, like Safe Paw.

A. Applying ice melt before freezing conditions and as needed can prevent ice buildup. Safe Paw’s protective barrier lasts for an extended period.

A. Yes, anti-slip decking strips or anti-slip paint are suitable for enhancing traction on composite decking surfaces, especially during winter.

A. To maintain your composite decking’s appearance during winter, use safe ice melt products, avoid abrasive tools, and practice gentle snow and ice removal.

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