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How To Melt Ice Without Salt And Other Chemicals?

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With the temperature dipping, we start worrying about the snow and its cleaning. We must remove the snow from roofs, driveways, sidewalks, and steps to prevent slip and fall accidents. And if you’re a savvy homeowner, then you might be looking for safe ways of removing snow that does not harm your property and pets.

As the winter season starts, the rock salt sales start to skyrocket. And if it’s a very snowy year, we see the prices soaring, stocks running low, and even hoarding policies instituted. However, rock salt is the most damaging solution you can choose. Let’s discuss why. 

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Why You Should Not Use Salt And Chemicals To Melt Ice?

Let’s start with the pros associated with using salt. It’s easily available, melts the ice, and comes cheap. Looks great superficially. But when you will come to know its after-effects, you will change your opinion. The same goes for a majority of ice melt as they all contain chemicals like Aluminum Chloride, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride, Calcium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Chloride, and Sodium Cyanide.

Harmful to concrete and roof

Rock salt is essentially sodium chloride. Sodium chloride attacks the metal rebar contained within the concrete when it is soaked-up into the concrete.

It’s corrosive to concrete, asphalt, and bricks as well. Salt traces left on the surface causes stains and streaks. The real problem starts when it gets into the porous concrete and creates holes and cracks that worsen with frequent freeze-thaw cycles. 

Different chemicals contained in ice melt react with concrete and different ways.

Not safe for kids and pets

Another reason you should not use rock salt and other chemicals is it is not safe to use around kids, pets, and plants. Chlorine in salt and chemical-based ice melt is a toxic respiratory irritant and can damage pets’ skin, eyes, and membranes.

So, How To Melt Ice Without Salt And Chemicals?

1- Mechanical removal: For mechanically removing, shoveling is the most popular method used during a light snowfall. Although it’s a safe option, it’s intense and physically demanding. Only a few enjoy this job as it’s strenuous and time-consuming and can be indisputably a pain in the back.

2- Ash: It helps de-ice and melt snow in moderate conditions and also provides traction. However, the heavy metals present in the ash can be damaging to lawns and gardens.

3- Chemical-free icemelt: If you’re someone who writes queries in Google, like ‘ice melter near me’ or ‘no salt ice melt’, then your search ends here.

There is ice melt that is free from chemicals and toxins. They are non-corrosive and do not cause any harm to flora and fauna. You can conveniently use a no-salt ice melt on driveways, pavements, steps, and roof without worrying about the damages. 

4- Sugar Beet Juice: Many people mix beet juice with salt and use it as an ice melt. Although it minimizes the amount of salt required to melt the ice, it leaves red or brown stains.

So, this snow season, let’s pledge not to use salt. A chemical-free, salt-free ice melt is the best way to clear the snow without worrying about the safety of your kids, pets, plants, and environment.

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