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Snow Damaging Your Property? Here’s What You Can Do

Snow Melt On Roof

There are few things as fun and cozy as sitting in the comfort of your home, looking out the window, sipping coffee, and enjoying a snowy evening as the snowflakes come down in a neat manner and blanket the beautiful landscape. But, sadly, it’s not always all good as snow is not only about scenic vistas and hot cocoa – it also can be very risky. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the various problems that can arise due to icy roofs and solutions to remove or melt snow from them in this winter weather.

Ice Melt On Roofs

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The Problem: It Can Quickly Burden Your Roof

Snow does some terrible things to the roof. It puts pressure on the structure, which can cause it to collapse; however, that’s very rare. It takes about 2 feet of compressed, old snow or 4 feet of fresh snow to put enough pressure on a roof for it to crumble. The good thing is that construction companies take good care of this factor in cities that receive heavy snowfall. Still, you need to be careful as even little snow can create problems such as leaks.

The Solution: Get Your Roof Inspected

Consider inspecting your roof or hiring the services of a professional to ensure it’s in good health. Ensure there are no damages, broken shingles, cracks, or other such issues to be repaired. 

The Problem: Your House Can Get Flooded

Snowing isn’t as big of a problem as letting snow sit for too long is. The problem is that melting it can quickly leak through cracks, resulting in serious damage to your property’s structure. This issue can worsen over time due to repeated cycles.

The Solution: Don’t Let Water Stand for Too Long

Ensure there are no cracks and your drainage system is well taken care of. The gutters should direct water towards drains and away from your property. Moreover, they should be kept clear. In addition to this, consider grading the slopes away so that water doesn’t find its way to the foundation of your house. Shoveling can also prevent your house from getting damaged. Lastly, inspect your house and patch leaks or cracks.

The Problem: Ice Dams Can Cause Damage

While some homeowners like the sight of hanging icicles, they’re nothing but trouble as they usually indicate the presence of an ice dam, which is a buildup of snow along the edges of your roof. These dams are dangerous as they can damage your shingles, destroy your gutters, and cause leaks.

The Solution: Not Letting Ice Refreeze

The solution lies in understanding the cause behind ice dams. They’re caused due to uneven temperature on your roof. To reduce these risks, remove dams manually or manipulate roof temperature by improving insulation to reduce these risks.

The Ultimate Solution: Use Roof Ice Melt

You can use a rake to remove snow manually or use roof ice melt so that snow doesn’t sit on your roof for too long. For this, Safe Paw snow melt can be a great roof ice melt option, and it works well on concrete and causes no damage to the structure.

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