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Ice Melt


What is an Ice Melt?


An ice melt is a blend of calcium chloride pellets, sodium chloride, and magnesium pellets. Calcium chloride is considered to be the best compound of an ice melt due to its’ ability to melt faster and it has long-lasting action. An ice melt may come in the form of flakes and can melt to -15 degrees F. An ice melt is used to prevent new ice from forming.


How Does an Ice Melt Work?


During the winter season, you may find it hard to move around due to snow accumulation. You can use an ice melt to help you overcome ice-related problems like icy sidewalks. An ice melt works by attracting moisture which forms a liquid brine that in turn generates heat that melts the ice. The brine spreads out on the ice and breaks the bonds with the pavement. Thus, the ice becomes loose and easy to shovel.
You need to ensure that the product reaches the pavement for effectiveness.


Tips to Consider when Using an Ice Melt


You may need to keep the following tips in mind when using an ice melt:


i. Follow the instructions indicated on your product.


ii. Ensure that you wear protective attire when using the product. You should put on gloves to avoid skin irritation.
iii. Store your product in a cool dry place. Ice melt products may absorb moisture and harden.
iv. You should avoid using ice melt on freshly built concrete.
v. Use a shovel to clear snow accumulation.


Reasons Why You Should Choose Ice Melt:

a. Ice melt can work below zero temperatures.
b. It may be safer for animals or pets.
c. It is sold at a fair price.
d. Ice melts are safer on the environment.
e. Ice melt may have less damage to pavement or concrete.
f. It is less likely to cause rusting in cars.


Common Mistakes Made by Users when Using Ice Melt Products:


a) Excessive Use
Most manufacturers recommend less application of ice melt products. Excess product may cause damage to the vegetation beneath or the environment where the product is in use.
Users are advised to read application instructions before using a product. The product should provide ideal quantities required for a particular area.


b) Wrong Application of the Product


You are advised to read application instructions to ensure that you use the product in the correct manner.
Reading instructions also helps the user know where to apply the product. For example, you should avoid using ice melt on brick since it is porous and may wear off.


c) Using the Wrong Product



Most ice melts are made from a blend of calcium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, and urea. However, products are different from the way they work and the temperatures under which they are effective. Products that are fast or work in lower temperatures are more expensive.


In summary an ice melt is made to suit the needs of the customers. An ice melt works by weakening the ice bonds hence making it easier to clear the ice. You can use the information above to guide you when using ice melt products.


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