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All the ways to use Safe Paw Ice Melt


Safe Paw Ice Melt is highly effective at melting ice and snow and is safe and environmentally friendly. It is safe to use around people, pets, property, and planet.

Why use Safe Paw ice melt by Gaia?

What makes Gaia Enterprises different is making a difference in our world. We are a company founded on the principles of safety, integrity, ingenuity, and change. Our mission is to replace harsh, harmful products with safe and environmentally friendly ones. “Effective” and “Safe” do not have to be opposing forces, Gaia Enterprises has made it their mission to do the exact opposite. After recognizing the dangers of salt and chemicals in traditional ice melts we made it our goal to have a permanent solution: Safe Paw Ice Melt.

Pet owner benefits of using Safe Paw

When it comes to keeping our pets safe, there is no length we won’t go to to ensure their safety. Traditional ice melt products contain large amounts of salt, which can do permanent damage to your pet’s paws without you even realizing it. Salt-based ice melt products, if ingested, can cause gastrointestinal disorders in your pet. Awareness is key when it comes to owning a pet, you don’t know what you don’t know. Safe Paw is 100% salt-free, completely eliminating this potential for disaster. Learn more about our tips to keep your pets safe this winter.

Using Safe Paw around your home

If you’ve ever felt the pain of paying out of pocket after mistakenly damaging your driveway while trying to melt ice and snow look no further into your wallet, Safe Paw can help. Living in an environment with inclement weather can pose a threat to your safety from slips and falls on ice and snow. To clear the snow and ice you have two choices: choose a rock salt to melt away the inevitable ice and snow posing long term damage or choose Safe Paw, an ice melt that is guaranteed to melt the ice without a shred of damage done to any part of your property. When the ice melts, your beautiful new driveway, roof, lawn, and garden are safe. Choosing a cheap alternative like rock salt will lead to long term damage to your property. Investing in a quality ice melt like Safe Paw will save you time and money in the future.

Snow And Ice Melt

Safe Paw Ice Melt Non Corrosive

Safe Paw

The Original and the #1 Pet and Child Safe Ice melter for over 20 years. Guaranteed environmentally safe – will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.

Safe Paw is safe for your family

Your family’s safety is your top priority. Keeping your kids and pets safe by melting away snow and ice with Safe Paw will help prevent slips and falls. After you sprinkle Safe Paw over your driveway, or any part of your property that will be the last time you have to think or worry about it. We all know that kids and pets also like to put random things in their mouths. With Safe Paw if they mistakenly ingested a small amount, there is no need to worry. Safe Paw was built around concern for children and pets. If it is ingested by your young one there are absolutely no repercussions or need for concern. We’re not saying feed your kids Safe Paw for breakfast but if your child does ingest Safe Paw there will be no consequences as it is completely non-toxic.

Safe Paw can be an excellent tool for teaching young children about how to de-ice while simultaneously protecting the environment. It can be used for a science project to demonstrate the effectiveness of a salt-free ice melt.

Safe Paw and your business

Applying Safe Paw over the sidewalk right outside your local business your patrons visit can help make your business more inviting, and help prevent slips and falls. Knowing the ice will melt away with ease while keeping your patrons, pets, and children walking safe. Safe Paw will also make it easier for you to keep your sidewalks clear throughout the winter.

Safe Paw will not penetrate or harm the concrete sidewalk. Safe Paw is literally a one and done solution to melting snow and ice! Use Safe Paw on your sidewalks to show people you care about their health and safety by keeping them ice-free and clear with Safe Paw.

Safe Paw and your vehicle

It is a well-known fact that Salt is bad for your vehicle. When it comes to an ice melt product your brain doesn’t immediately shift to thinking about your car or truck, but it should. Safe Paw is the only ice melt that will not damage any part of your vehicle no matter how much is used. Salt speeds up the process of rust. Salt-based ice melts will do just that – rust up one of your most precious ride. Safe Paw, being 100% salt-free, eliminates damage caused by salt. Your windshield and mirrors are safe from harm, the paint on the exterior will not be tarnished, and your tires will not be affected. No salt, no problem.

Make your roof safer with Safe Paw

Never again think twice about your roof caving in because you weren’t aware of the seeping damage traditional salt-based ice melts can cause. Safe Paw can be used on any and all roofing structures with absolutely no consequences or damage. Use Safe Paw to melt away ice dams and keep heavy ice from weighing down your roof. Our sister product Traction Magic can help increase the traction when on your roof as well.

Prevent damage to your plants from ice melt runoff

Safe Paw Ice melt might seem like something unnecessary to have on hand in the off winter months, like Spring or Fall but there are actually several extraordinary benefits. To have Safe Paw on hand and readily available year-round can prevent things like a panic around freeze warnings when your plants are in full bloom. When the ice melts, there is no need to worry about the ice melt water running off and adding harmful chemicals to your plant beds or lawns.

Science behind Safe Paw

Did you know that traditional ice melts main ingredients are salt and salt blends? Magnesium chloride is harmful to humans, pets, and the environment? Sure you know that melting ice with these products is effective, but its side effects are not a healthy sustainable long term solution. We knew there was a way to melt ice without causing damage to the environment. This is where science comes in. By eliminating salt and salt blends and crafting an alternative we were able to create an ice melt solutions that are more effective, easy to use, and safe for people, pets, property, and the environment. The ingredients of Safe Paw were crafted after months of careful consideration, testing, and experimentation. Upon application, the crystals in Safe Paw seep a deicing liquid, speeding up the melting process. The molecular structure of the ice and snow becomes penetrated, keeping water molecules from reforming into ice crystals. In 10 minutes, Safe Paw has destabilized your snow and ice-covered surface back into water with no long term consequences.

Safe Paw for the environmentalist

Salt draws moisture from plants, without moisture plants cannot survive. Safe Paw, being salt-free eradicates this problem altogether. Backed by science and technology, Safe Paw is completely environmentally safe and will not cause adverse long term side effects to the environment from runoff. As an environmentalist, you can confidently use Safe Paw knowing that your ice melt is safe for people, pets, plants, and the environment.
Now when you ask yourself, “Does environmentally friendly mean chemical-free?” what you should really be asking is “Does environmentally friendly mean salt-free?” with Safe Paw the answer is yes.

How to apply Safe Paw

Safe Paw uses a specialized shakeable jug and lid to distribute an even layer to the surface you are trying to de-ice. The layer of ice melt begins to work after ten minutes and lasts for 72 hours. There is not a secret formula to application but fret not about the over-application of Safe Paw. Use your best judgment during the application process and you can even take the liberty of patch testing it on a small surface before tackling an entire driveway, a little goes a long way! How to use Safe Paw Instructional Video.

Tell us about your other uses for Safe Paw

We love to hear from our customers about all the ways you are using Safe Paw. Head over to our Facebook page and share your images and experiences with Safe Paw and be sure to tell all your neighbors how to keep their property, pets, and family safe this winter with Safe Paw Ice Melt.

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