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Sidewalk Ice Melt Products Concrete


Winter is approaching, now while that has some fun parts, having your concrete sidewalks buried in thick ice piles and being stuck indoors because your door is held by heavy snow build-up could make your joyous winter a blizzard nightmare. You might want to resort to using ice melt products to get along with the falling snow. That is very important yes, but the decision shouldn’t be made in a rush. While you try to melt snow, it is important that you acknowledge that there are associated shortcomings with using sidewalk ice melt products. It is therefore important that you utilize effective ice melters like Safe Paw with environmentally friendly ingredients to compensate for your vulnerable items (concrete floors and flowers).

Benefits of use:

* Saves time and other resources:

The need for labor personnel and trucks to convey heaps of sands onto iced concrete pavements and sidewalks is reduced. With fewer people, concrete ice melters can be applied in a little while that it would take for trucks and bulldozers to handle. The cost involved in using sidewalk ice melters is also relatively cheap so you can be saving money.

* Safe for displacing ice on concretes sidewalks:

Environmentally friendly sidewalk ice melt contains no corrosives or salts and so, work gently on concrete floors and metals. The absence of salt in them also makes them ideal for industrial use, as they tend to be non-conductive. De-ice machines, helipads, airport runways, railroads, car parks and even on cars, with no negative results. They work faster that salt-based deicers and are active even in extremely low temperatures.

* Proprietary traction agents and Teflon effect:

Unlike other traditional ways, sidewalk concrete ice melters contain a formula responsible for the prevention of slipping and skidding. Another amazing benefit of non-salt-based deicers over salt-based deicers is the preventive Teflon effect. After your floor has been purged of the frosty deposits, Teflon creates an invisible layering on the deiced surface, which makes it easy for shoveling and remarkably prevents ice from sticking to the floor for 3 continuous days.

Instructions for use:

* Prior to snowing, apply ample amount of Safe Paw concrete ice melt to sidewalks, areas and objects to snow contamination. This creates the protective layering by the Teflon effect. This only does not prevent snow contamination but also alleviates the stress in shoveling and risks of slipping or skidding.

* Should you get your car stacked in the snow deposit, things should get easily resolved with a wipe of the car tire surface and a few sprinkles of deicer on the tire. This would increase friction between the tire and the floor or snow surface as the snow melts of for traction agents to take their effects.

* Deicers react with heat and sunlight, so be sure to store in cool and dry places to avoid the content from reacting into a different thing, which might not yield your desired results

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