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3 Things To Keep In Mind While Using An Ice Melt

Eco Friendly Ice Melt

There are numerous de-icers to choose from homemade ice melt to natural ice melt or salt-based ice melt. There are various factors to consider when selecting the appropriate ice melt for your business. By understanding the features of an ice melt, you can choose the safest ingredient and use it effectively.

Three things to keep in mind while choosing an ice melt.

1. Effectiveness 

When choosing an ice melt, the first thing to consider is the product’s lowest effective temperature. 

The freezing point of water is lowered, which causes ice to melt. The operating temperature of each chemical component employed in ice melt varies. If you use a product outside its lowest effective temperature range, you’ll get less or no ice removal. 

When compared to irregularly shaped or fragmented particles, round or evenly shaped ice melt has been determined to be the most effective at eliminating ice. 

The round, solid pellets melt uniformly downward and outward, allowing the ice melter to cut directly through the ice to the ground, allowing faster ice removal.

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2. Safety 

Another factor to consider when choosing the correct ice melt is how the chemical compound will affect your facility’s surroundings. The harsh chemicals-based ice melt compound has lots of harmful consequences on natural and human-made environments. Because of the growing concern for the environment and the use of sustainable products, you may need to look for non-toxic or non-harmful environmentally friendly ice melt. 

Ice melt can contaminate groundwater if it gets caught in run-off water. The salts in run-off water can have an impact on vegetation and animal life. Some chemicals can corrode hard surfaces such as concrete, pavement, or metals beneath the ice. 

Salt-based ice melts can enter porous stone, freeze, and expand the surface, resulting in flakes or fissures. Metal railings, gates, and door frames can all rust or corrode when exposed to salts. People use homemade ice melts to ensure the safety of concrete and metal, but they are not effective during snowstorms or at low temperatures.

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3. Long-lasting

The chemical composition of the ice melt will influence how long it takes for the product to de-ice once it has been applied. Ice melts with a longer residual activity will lessen the number of times ice melt is required in the future. Longer-lasting products may be more expensive, but they will save money on the amount of ice melt required.

Moreover, salt-free ice melts have a long shelf life. The remaining ice melt needs to be kept out of direct sunshine, air, and moisture. As chloride-based ice melts are hygroscopic, moisture from the air causes them to deteriorate. As a result, open packages should be stored in airtight containers or bags.

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In different settings, different ice melt chemicals have different levels of efficiency. Each has its melting temperatures, residual de-icing activity, and environmental implications. 

Before the first snowfall, it’s best to start thinking about ice melt. Choosing the correct ice melt will help you enjoy the winter season without worrying about snow accumulation, itchy pet paws, dead plants, and slip and fall.

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