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When Is The Best Time To Start Shoveling Snow

shoveling the snow

Many homeowners are injured each year while shoveling snow. Some of these individuals shovel snow at inopportune times, resulting in hospitalization. Shoveling snow is a difficult task if you don’t know when and where to start. When is the optimum time for snow shoveling? Because of the variety of circumstances, everyone has their own opinion on the subject. Shoveling the snow at the right time will ensure less effort during summer clean-up.

Shoveling and Its Importance

What is shoveling, you may ask? It’s the simple act of using a shovel to remove snow from your property, including sidewalks, driveways, and paths. Its importance lies in its ability to prevent accidents from slippery surfaces, maintain access to and from your property, and protect your surfaces from potential damage due to excessive snow accumulation.

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Best Time To Start Shoveling The Snow

Shoveling should be done early in the morning and frequently throughout the day to prevent snow accumulation. When there is a modest amount of snow on the ground, the sun can quickly melt it once the snowstorm has passed. 

You should shovel to one side and straight ahead. If you start slinging a large weight of snow over your shoulder, it’s going to be strenuous.

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It’s usually a moment when people shove before they go to work or when they return home late at night. After a nighttime snowstorm, the following morning should be the best time to shovel because the snow will be fluffy.

When it’s snowing, it’s best not to shovel. Because a big snow winter storm can occasionally result in a bodily mishap or injury that can hurt you for a long time. 

Shoveling snow should be done as often as feasible. You should avoid having a mound of snow in your driveway because clearing it will be difficult. Before you start shoveling, understand the tools involved in it to avoid any injuries.

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Tips On Safe Shoveling

While shoveling, there are various measures you should take. They can improve your safety in the event of a snow shoveling mishap. The first thing you’ll need to do is get your wide, multi-purpose plastic snow shovel. 

To avoid slipping on the slippery surface, use a salt-free ice melt. Unlike salt, the non-corrosive and natural ice melt will not damage your concrete. It will help you in keeping your driveway and walkway free from snow. All chloride-based products, including potassium chloride deicer, have adverse effects on the infrastructure and environment. The chlorides are not safe for kids and pets as well. By using a non-chloride and natural ice melt, you will be getting rid of snow without worrying about summer clean-up of residues.

Who Is In Danger, And Why Is Shoveling So Hazardous? 

When shoveling snow, make sure you are wearing thick socks, a winter hat, and gloves. Exposure to extreme cold for an extended amount of time may be harmful to your skin cells. 

People over the age of 55 who have heart disease, a slow or fast heart rate, or warning indications of a heart attack, as well as diabetics, are at risk of shoveling snow because the passage of oxygen in the blood is reduced by chilly air.

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Effective Techniques and Safety Measures To Shovel Snow

Knowing how to snow shovel effectively can save you time and protect your health. Begin by dressing warmly and stretching before you start. When you shovel, bend your knees and use your legs to lift the snow, rather than your back. Keep the loads light, and if the snow is deep, remove it in layers.

Shoveling snow safely should be a top priority. Take breaks when needed and stay hydrated. Clearing your driveway doesn’t have to be a race, take it slow and steady. And remember, after you’ve finished shoveling, applying a product like Safe Paw can help ensure the snow and ice don’t build back up.


Many people choose to shovel snow based on preferences but, the determining factor should be safety. The optimum time to shovel snow is when it is safe to do so, not in the morning, afternoon, before it snows, or when you feel like it. 

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A. When shoveling snow, remember to bend your knees, use your legs to lift, keep loads light, and remove snow in layers if it’s deep. Also, don’t forget to stretch before you start, take breaks, and stay hydrated.

A. A dog snow shovel is a tool used to clear a safe space for your dog to play or do their business in the snow.

A. While you can use salt, it can be harmful to concrete, pets, and the environment. A safer alternative is Safe Paw, a chemical-free and toxin-free ice melt.

A. Applying an ice melt like Safe Paw after shoveling can help prevent ice from forming.

A. Having the right tools, like a good snow shovel, can make the task easier. Also, using a product like Safe Paw after shoveling can prevent ice from forming and making the surface slippery.

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