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How To Choose The Right Snow Shovel

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Winter is approaching quickly. The shoveling season will soon arrive for those of us who live in snowy areas. Now is the time to buy a good snow shovel, but first consider what kind of snow shoveling you’ll be doing, what size blade you’ll need, as the more significant the edge, the heavier the shoveling. Whether you prefer a straight handle or one with a swooshed, ergonomic design to reduce back strain.

Snow shovels are as diverse as the climates in which they are used. The options range from a primary metal blade with a wooden handle to state-of-the-art fiberglass and even shovels on wheels. When it comes to choosing a snow shovel, the consensus is to find one that feels balanced to remove deicers like calcium chloride, Sodium chloride, potassium chloride deicer, etc. Snow shovels come in various basic designs, but the blade and handle are the two most essential components to consider.

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Materials For Snow Shovels

Metal or plastic snow shovel blades are available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some people recommend having two shovels, one metal and one plastic, to accommodate different needs depending on where you’re shoveling and how much snow you’ll be removing. Before you go out and buy a shovel, try to figure out what you need. Will you need to quickly shovel out the sidewalk in front of the house as deicer like potassium chloride deicer damage the surface, kids can walk to school, or will you need to push snow piled up on a deck or down the driveway. 

Examine The Specifications

A shovelful of snow, measuring 1 to 12 cubic feet, can weigh anywhere from 7 to 30 pounds depending on the temperature and amount of moisture in the snow. Because that’s a lot of torque on your back, choosing a curved model or one with the right handle length for your height can make a big difference.

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The Size Of The Blade 

is best done with narrower 18-inch shovels. When fully loaded, wider shovels are better for pushing snow down the driveway, but they’re more challenging to lift. Snow shovels with a steel or aluminum blade are suitable for scraping crusty ice off the driveway, but a plain plastic blade won’t scratch wooden steps or decking the way an edged snow shovel would. When digging out drifted-in vehicles, a blade with a flatter design might fit under tires or the undercarriage of your car more quickly.

Alternative Tip:

Use An Ice Melter To Treat The Surface.

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Wrapping Up!

A plastic blade can make quick work of lighter snow without tiring you out, but having a sturdy metal snow shovel on hand can give you the extra leverage you need to move thick, wet snow and scrape through tough ice. Having one of each can help you tackle snow shoveling more efficiently.

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