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Tips For Ice Melting During Snow Storms In Buffalo

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That time of the year is approaching fast when Buffalo receives the highest snowfall in the year- December. On average, the Buffalo Airport sees its first snowflakes on October 24th. On November 8th, the first measurable snow (0.1”) occurs, and the first full 1” of snow typically falls on November 18th. And then December- the time when it falls for days and accumulates 20-30” of snow. The white and beautiful winter also brings with itself the danger of slippery and slimy sidewalks and impassable entrances. Removing snow after the snowfall or snowstorm is a big headache for the people in Buffalo. But it’s critical. No matter what method you use, what ice melt product you use, you need to get rid of the snow.

While there are numerous methods of deicing your driveways, pavements, entrances, and cars, there are best ice melting practices, that can help you clean the snow easily and quickly. 

Therefore, in this article, we will share 6 tips for ice melting during the snowstorm in Buffalo that will make your life easier.

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6 Tips For Ice Melting During The Snowstorm In Buffalo

1. Don’t wait

Considering the health hazards of harmful chemicals used in de-icers, using a snowblower or shovel is one of the safest methods of cleaning snow. If you’re considering clearing your pavement manually, don’t wait for the snow to stop. On the days when it is snowing heavily, shovel periodically so that it does not pile up and turn icy later.

2. The wrong way of cleaning snow

Whether you are clearing snow from the roof or sidewalks, make sure you’re not creating a pile of snow near the foundation of your house. It may freeze the pipes and cause leakages and bursting in some cases.

3. Ice melt product to use

Everyone knows the rock salt’s harmful impact on driveway pavements, the environment, and health. Homeowners are looking for alternative best ice melt solutions to use during snowstorms.

So, if you have children and pets, you need to be careful while choosing the correct ice melt. Choose an ice melt that is salt-free, chlorine-free, acetate-free, and that is not only pet-friendly but non-corrosive also.

Traditional ice melt products contain large amounts of salt that lead to permanent damage to your pet’s paws and gastrointestinal problems if ingested. Therefore, use an ice melt safe for pets and concrete.

4. Getting rid of light and fluffy snow

Thinking of putting your leaf blower away for the season? You can make your blower double duty. It can be quite handy to get rid of the light and fluffy snow on the staircases, driveway, car, etc.

5. Pre-treating the surface with ice melt

Don’t wait until the storm hits. Pre-treating surfaces with ice melt can prevent the snow from sticking to the surface. After the fall, whether you’re cleaning the snow manually or using ice-melt, it takes lesser effort and time if you have pre-treated surfaces.

6. Using cooking spray instead of ice melt

Have you noticed that when you shovel, snow tends to stick on the shovel? Well, in that case, use cooking spray. Using cooking spray on the shovel can help you move through the snow easily as it prevents the snow from sticking on the shovel.

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