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Steps To Remove Ice Melt Residue

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To keep floors protected and looking great during the winter months, you must remove the ice melt residue. These residues not only give your floors a hazy, unclean appearance, but they also degrade the floor finish and damage the surface. Although ice melters comparison is an excellent method to reduce this risk, it can also be tracked into your building, in your entryways, or hallways.

Removing Ice Melt or Salt Residue 

Put on the appropriate personal protective equipment before beginning any cleaning procedure.

1- Must Remove Floor Mats

An entry matting system will keep the majority of contaminants out of your facilities, such as ice melt, salts, soils, and water. Ice melt residue can be tracked beyond the entryway and seep under the mat, even with a high-quality matting system. You’ll need to take the floor mats out of the cleaning area. Cleaning around the rugs is not a good idea. Water and other wet residue can seep through the mat and cause damage to the flooring.

2-Debris Should Be Removed.

Sweep the floor to remove any large debris or ice melt.

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3-Choose A Neutralizer For The Floor

Choosing the right floor cleaning product is crucial in removing white streaks and ice melt residue. Many ice melts safe for roof shingles contain salt, which can cause floor cleaners to react negatively.

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4-You’ll Need A Floor Neutralizer To Prevent Floor Damage And Any Adverse Reactions.

Ice melt chlorides, soap, and hard water films, as well as scum, scale, and other organic residues, are all dissolved by floor neutralizers. The floor neutralizer cleans the floor while also removing white residue, requiring only a one-floor care procedure.

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5-Do Not Attempt To Use A Cleaner With A pH That Is Too High Or Too Low.

Aside from the risk of dangerous chemical reactions, cleaning chemicals with a high or low pH will not remove the residues. Salts, the most common compound in ice melts safe for roof shingles, have a very high pH. Allow the floor to dry entirely before inspecting for any white streaks. If there are any remaining white streaks, repeat the procedure.

6- Use Floor Neutralizer

Before you start, remember to put up wet floor signs around the area you’ll be working in to warn people about wet areas and the risk of slipping and falling. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dilution of the neutralizer. Apply floor neutralizer with a mop and bucket or an automatic floor scrubber. After thoroughly applying the floor neutralizer to the area, rinse the mop and replace the solution in the bucket with clean water. To avoid re-depositing salt and ice melt residue on the floor, changing the dirty cleaning solution and thoroughly cleaning the mop is critical. When using an auto scrubber, make sure to clean it thoroughly before storing it.

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Last Thoughts

Ice melters comparison can help to improve safety by reducing the amount of snow and ice on sidewalks and near entryways. Keeping ice melt from tracking into your facility, on the other hand, is both necessary and difficult. The best way to protect your floors is to use a SafePaw regularly to remove the buildup. 

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