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Finding The Best Ice Melt For Your Roof In Baltimore? It’s Not As Difficult As You Think


As per Farmer’s Almanac, the snowiest periods in Baltimore will occur in mid-December & early March. A winter storm in December had brought around 7.5 inches of snow to parts of the Baltimore area. But it does not mean that the snow woes are over as Baltimore gets about 42 inches of rain, on average per year, & more is yet to come. Hence, now is the right time to gear yourself for facing more snow challenges in the upcoming months.

One of the most painful tasks of the winter season is removing snow & ice from your rooftops. The ice dams on the roofs need to be taken care of immediately since they can damage shingles and eavestroughs. Another reason to remove snow & ice from the rooftop is the excess weight it puts on the roof. In this article, we will discuss the ways to find the right ice melter for your roof.

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Choose Safe And Non-Corrosive Ice Melter For The Roofs:

The primary thing to consider before buying a roof melt is whether it’s safe for your roof or not. If a roof melt contains rock salt, it could damage your shingles and nail fittings. Ice melter such as magnesium chloride or calcium chloride may cause staining of the shingles and lead to corrosion of the gutters, aluminum siding, or fasteners. 

Hence, opt for an ice melter that is safe for your roof and longer residual action. An ice melt with extended residual performance will provide more de-icing action after being applied and will protect your roof for a longer duration.

Consider The Temperature:

If you live in a pretty cold climate, you need melts made for low temperatures. Some ice melt only lowers the temperature to 15 degrees, and when the weather gets colder than that, your melts won’t work. 

The wind and inches of snow can make it much colder than it is. Therefore, before you buy an ice melter for your roof, think about your climate.

Environmentally Friendly:

If you care about the environment, then you would want your ice melt to be environment-friendly too. Ice melt with chemicals are not good for the environment. After getting washed off from the building, these harmful chemicals enter the ground and start damaging the environment. Vegetation and animal life can be affected by the salts and other toxic products present in the run-off water.

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Pet Safe:

If you have dogs or cats that go outside, you might want a pet-friendly product. Salt-based ice melt can cause dryness and irritation in the paws and skin of our four-legged friends. If the pets lick or swallow the snow treated with chemical-based ice melt, they may suffer stomach distress and irritation. 

As a proud pet parent, you should embrace an ice melter safe for dogs, cats, and even your neighboring wildlife. 

Form And Shape of Ice Melt:

Ice melt is available in solid and liquid form, but the most popular ice melt is solid pellets. It works by absorbing moisture from the top of the ice and creates a solution to soften the bond between the ice and the ground surface. They also contain traction agents that prevent any falls and slip accidents.

Round shaped granules melt downward and outward evenly and result in quicker ice removal. On the other hand, irregularly shaped particles melt horizontally, thus snowballing the amount of time it takes to melt ice effectively. They even cut and injure the paws of our furry friends.  

Different types of ice melt products have varying levels of effectiveness in particular conditions. Hence, while looking for a suitable ice melt solution for your roof, choose an ice melt that is safe for your roof, effectively works in your climatic conditions, environmentally friendly, and 100% pet safe. The product should be conveniently available in the market and suitably priced.

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