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How To Treat Ice On Sidewalks And Driveways?

Best Way To Melt Ice On Driveway

Salt combinations are popular, but they are also one of the leading causes of concrete deterioration. Salting walkways, steps, and roads to melt ice can cause the cement to pit, resulting in potholes and cracks. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives to salt-based deicers that you may use to keep safe while also maintaining the beauty of your concrete this winter. These chloride-free products are safe ice melt for new concrete as well as old ones.

The good news is that you may clear ice from your driveways and sidewalks without salt by using the best ice melt for new concrete.

Ice Melt For New Concrete

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Sand Or Kitty Litter

On an icy or snowy driveway or sidewalk, sand can be dispersed. It provides traction without destroying concrete, even though it does not melt ice and snow. 

Unused cat litter can be sprinkled on sidewalks and driveways to provide grip and prevent slips and falls without affecting the concrete beneath. Use biodegradable kitty litter to ensure that no pollutants could harm pets, children, or nearby plants. But be prepared to spend considerable time cleaning the sticky substance from your concrete.

Gravel, Wood Chips, Straw, Or Sawdust 

Gravel, wood chips, straw, or sawdust are all solutions for adding grip to icy walks and driveways. These compounds are neither harmful to your concrete nor harmful to the environment. 

But these solutions don’t melt ice or snow, being proactive is a good idea. Prevent ice from forming on your concrete sidewalks and driveways by treating them before bad weather arrives. 

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Amide Core With Glycol

This salt-free ice melt has traction agents with a glycol admixture and a modified crystalline amide core. As soon as the liquid component breaks the surface tension, it starts melting ice. The crystal core accelerates the melting process. It creates a barrier that keeps snow from sticking to the surface for up to three days. 

It is used to replace all toxin-based ice melts and does not contain salt. A product that does not consist of salt will not affect the environment. It is the best ice melt for new concrete. It is safe for all surfaces and is non-corrosive.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate

The major ingredients used to make Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) are acetic acid and dolomitic lime. It can help to unthaw ice and snow in varying amounts, making it simpler to maneuver your pathways and driveway in the winter. It is ineffective at temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Calcium Chloride

As a hygroscopic compound, calcium chloride absorbs moisture. This heat quickly melts the ice and snow, turning it into water. It’s expensive, can harm your new concrete, and leave a mess behind. 

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Magnesium Chloride

In densely vegetated areas, magnesium chloride can be utilized safely. 

Because it is hygroscopic, it also functions swiftly. Regardless, it is more costly than calcium chloride. It should be avoided because it can erode your fresh concrete.


A natural ice melt with amide core and glycol will break down the molecular structure of ice and snow, preventing water molecules from re-forming into ice crystals. As a result, your concrete will remain safe while melting snow and ice without the need for hazardous chemicals. Pets and children are unaffected even if consumed. Just a smidgeon of this green marvel will keep you safe.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Other Ice Melt Products

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