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Injury Liability For Slip And Fall Accidents On Snow And Ice

Slip and Fall Accidents on Snow and Ice

Slip and fall accidents caused by winter conditions are most common in driveways and on sidewalks in business establishments. Homeowners should also keep an eye on what’s going on on their property as well. 

Property owners almost universally must exercise reasonable care in preserving the safety of areas where the public can face slippery challenges. A periodic evaluation of the property and the removal of snow and ice within a predefined time frame should be done to limit falls and accidents. Failure to carry out this legal obligation may be considered negligence.

Typically, property owners get engaged with snow and ice removal businesses to keep their parking lots and walkways free for walkers. Ice melts are a common choice for snow removal as well. Property owners with pets at home or neighborhood must use paw-safe ice melt. When strolling in an area known to be snowy or icy, people must likewise take reasonable caution. 

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When it comes to snow and ice clearance, what a landowner should expect—and what a person walking down the sidewalk should reasonably expect to encounter—depends on the location of the slip and fall disaster.

What You Might Find 

You may be able to cover the expense of your medical treatment by claiming the property owner and sometimes even the snow and ice removal contractor if you slip and fall. You may also be able to recover lost wages if you can show that your injury forced you to miss work—or work less than you would have otherwise due to the nature and intensity of your injuries. 

Keeping Track Of Your Case 

Because weather conditions change regularly, it’s critical to saving as much documentation as possible about your accident and the region where you fell. Do take photos of the area as it appeared at the time of the accident.

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What Can Property Owners Do To Avoid Slip And Fall Accidents On Their Premises?

Do clear snow from locations where you walk outside, especially sidewalks and driveways, and use a salt-free ice de-icer to melt any slippery patches. Even though there are many ice melt products in the market, a majority of them are chloride-based. Such ice melt can damage your concrete, plants and are toxic for pets and kids.

As responsible citizens, we need to be protective of our premises as well as the environment. Therefore, green products like Safe Paw are gaining immense popularity. Safe Paw ingredients are entirely salt-free and are nontoxic. It damages the molecular structure of ice and snow, making it impossible for water molecules to reassemble into ice crystals. Thus, protecting your premises from snow accumulation.

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Because of the dangerous conditions generated by cold, wind, snow, and ice, the most common mishaps, such as slips, trips, and falls, occur regularly during the winter months. You can dramatically reduce the risk of winter injury by planning and working to prevent it. As property owners, you can use salt-free, natural, paw-safe ice melt. It will prevent the accumulation of ice and snow on your premises and works well on all surfaces.

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