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Winter Storm Preparedness And Safety In The Blizzard

Blizzard Safety Tips

Winter weather can be extreme, especially during snowstorms or blizzards. If there is a blizzard warning, you should prepare for snowstorms to keep your family safe and avoid last-minute hassles. 

You can protect your home from the effects of a blizzard or other severe winter weather by making some preparation before the onset of the storm. 

You must be prepared with the right tools and techniques to handle any situation. 

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Below Are Some Tips That Might Help You To Face The Next Blizzard

1- Stock warm clothes and food

Prepare for a blizzard or freezing temperatures by stocking up on sleeping bags, warm blankets, and warm clothing in case of a power outage. Power outages are common doing snowstorms, and without power, your heating systems would not work. Therefore, keep adequate blankets and sleeping bags to protect yourself from the chilling weather. Stock some food in the house for at least 3-5 days. Because as the storm worsens, you won’t be able to walk out of the house to buy groceries.

2- A backup power source

Using a generator to help with winter heating and keep appliances running during a winter storm blackout is a good idea, but make sure you use it safely. Keep an adequate amount of gas to keep the generator running for long hours. It’s a good idea to keep the generator at least 20 ft from the house to prevent the accumulation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in and around the house.

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3- Snow removal equipment is available

To prepare your home for blizzards and extreme weather, you’ll need supplies for getting rid of piles of snow. You’ll require a strong metal snow shovel (plastic is too flimsy for heavy snowfall), an ice scraper and a snow brush for your car’s windshield and windows, and snow removal ice melt safe for pets and kids to sprinkle on your driveway to melt ice. Salt-based ice melt compounds should be used with caution because too much can poison the soil, damage vulnerable concrete, and some are poisonous to pets. Salt on new concrete damages it with the freeze-thaw cycles happening due to the variation in temperatures during the day and night.

Safe Paw is an ice melt safe for pets and is a salt-free, non-toxic product that is also good for the environment. It has a wider range of applications than other salt-based ice melters. Safe Paw ice melt can be used safely anywhere without concern.

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4- Stock essential medications

It’s recommended to keep the essential medication and first aid kit for kids and adults. If someone in the family is being treated for a long-term condition, you may also want to stock up medications for them in advance.

Final Words

Winter preparation starts long before the first snowflake falls. Overgrown bushes and shrubs may also require trimming, particularly if they are isolated and subjected to the full force of the wind. Due to the winter storm, if the city gets completely shut down for a long period, then make sure you have enough emergency supplies in stock.

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