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What Kind Of Ice Melt Is Safe For Concrete?

concrete safe ice melt

Ice melting products keep your walkways, steps, and driveways safe during winter. But, there are many different types of ice melt available to purchase. Some of these products contain chemicals that may harm concrete surfaces like your driveway pavement or sidewalk pavers. So if you’re wondering what kind of ice melt is safe for concrete, this article is for you. We will cover some common ice melters and what they do not damage or harm.

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What Kind Of Ice Melt Is Safe For Concrete?

As with all chemical ice melts, chloride-based products are generally not recommended for use on concrete. Chloride-based ice melts contain sodium chloride (table salt) and can damage the surface of your concrete driveway and walkways if used frequently. These chemicals will cause the surface layer of your driveway or sidewalk to become rough and create an uneven walking surface making it very slippery when wet.

Chloride-based ice melts also have a tendency to stain surfaces they come into contact with, and this is especially true for light-colored driveways that may already be stained from other sources like oil stains from cars.

You can use chemical-free ice melters to melt the ice on your deck or patio. Natural ice melters are not harmful to concrete and are typically easier on plants than salt or calcium chloride. But there are still some disadvantages of using natural ice melters.

When it comes time to melt the snow on your driveway, consider using a chemical-free deicer instead of rock salt or calcium chloride. These products won’t damage your concrete and will be safer for surrounding vegetation and landscaping.

Safe Paw’s patented traction compound provides slide resistance, lasts more than 72 hours on the surface, and is salt-free, chlorine-free, and acetate-free. It uses a two-step process that begins by breaking up the ice and then melting it. This combination is effective for melting through even the most difficult conditions, including ice formations and compacted snow.

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Know What Your Concrete Is Made Of, and If These Ice Melts Will Damage Your Concrete

It’s important to understand the composition of your concrete, and you’ll know if these ice melts will damage your concrete. Concrete is a blend of cement, water, and aggregate. The type of cement used will determine how the concrete reacts to different chemicals. For instance, Type I Portland cement is stronger than Type III Portland cement (often used on driveways). Also, some aggregates are softer than others. For example, sandstone will react differently than granite.

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We hope now you have an idea about what kind of ice melt is safe for concrete and which ice melt is safe for concrete. Remember that the key is to know the composition of your concrete and choose the right one! For example, if it’s made with Portland cement and sand or gravel then you might want to look at products that are free from salt or chloride-based chemicals because they would damage your driveway.

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