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The Dos And Don’ts Of Ice Melt

Types Of Ice Melt

Ice melt is an excellent way to keep pavements and roads accessible and free of ice as the weather grows cooler. Ice melts work by converting ice or snow into a liquid solution, breaking the bonds with the surface area.

It’s a good idea to take charge of de-icing your walks and pavements to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to prevent anyone from sliding and injuring themselves. Many types of ice melt products contain salts. Highly abrasive salts can damage surfaces and be hazardous to the environment, resulting in burned vegetation and corroded hardscapes. Here are some do’s and don’ts which will help you get the best out of ice melt.

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Do Not Allow It Into Your Home:

Ice melt chemical residue can be tracked into, causing damage and making indoor surfaces slippery. Use floor mats both outside and inside doorways to avoid trailing ice melt inside your property. Some ice melt products perform efficiently and effectively while minimizing tracking.

Do Not Wait Till The Last Minute:

Before a storm hits, it is a good idea to have some ice melt on hand. Ice melt is most effective when applied to outdoor surfaces before ice forms. It will prevent ice from bonding and form channels in the ice, making ice removal a breeze.

Do Not Apply Too Much:

Excessive ice melt application can cause more harm than good. When ice melt is tracked inside it damages pathways, roads, landscaping, and even indoor surfaces. Excessive use can also harm the environment by contaminating groundwater and runoff. To determine how much to use on your outdoor surfaces, read and follow the package guidelines.

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Do Not Be Confused:

Rock salt and ice melt are two different materials that are used to melt ice. Sodium chloride in the form of rock salt is a mineral. Ice melt is a mixture of ingredients. Most of the ice melt has salt as its main ingredient. The salt-free ice melt from Gaia enterprises is among the safest and best options for concrete, pets, and the environment. It is designed to be a fast-acting and long-lasting product.

Do Think Before Buying:

There are a variety of ice melt products available, each suited for a specific need. Some come in the form of a liquid formula, while others come in pellets or granules. Some are developed for use around pets and children, while others are made for specific surfaces or climates. Read product labels attentively to learn about each product’s qualities and how they will benefit you in your scenario.

Do Check The Temperature Rating:

If you reside where winter temperatures can drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, check the labels to know the ice melt you buy can work at that temperature.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Do Think About The Surface:

Read and follow the packaging instructions before applying. Make sure you use the right product for the job so you don’t end up damaging your driveway, sidewalks, and porches.

Do Keep Children And Pets Safe:

Some ice melt products contain ingredients that, if consumed, can be dangerous. Pets can potentially get into ice melt products that are left unattended. In most cases, the compounds have been reported to irritate both children and dogs.


Not all ice melts are safe for concrete and pets. Hence, before purchasing, do check the ingredients and safety stamps. The ice melt from Gaia enterprises is environmentally friendly and safe for concrete and pets.

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