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Taking Care Of Your Lawn With A Safe Ice Melt

Environmentally Safe Ice Melt For Lawns

Snowfall is lovely, but after the ice melts, the problem arises. One of the most common issues is that the snow harm your lawn. But in reality, it is the toxic ice melt chemicals that do the actual damage. For example, when rock salt is dissolved in water, it becomes particularly harmful to grass. Moreover, it takes the water that roots would typically consume, dehydrating them and stressing them out. Hence, we need a lawn-safe ice melt rather than a salt-based product.

Although tiny amounts of salt in the soil will not cause an issue, the amounts can accumulate over time and remain in the ground. It can build up year after year until the salt produces a toxic environment for the vegetation. Hence, check the ice melt ingredients before buying and using them. Salt will harm not only your lawn but also your concrete, vehicles, and pets.

Why Do We Need Lawn-Safe Ice Melt? 

While it is fair that people want their paths to be as safe and ice-free as possible, some people “oversalt” their sidewalks and driveways by applying too much salt-based ice melts. In some circumstances, these products can not only damage the paths, but they can also end up on the lawn, killing your plants.

Deicing salts contain chloride, the most poisonous ion that causes much of the direct plant tissue damage. In addition, plant roots have difficulty absorbing water when salt builds up in the soil. 

Excess sodium degrades the structure of the soil. As a result, it results in poor infiltration and erosion. In addition, sodium ions can diminish soil fertility by displacing critical plant nutrients. Salt deposition in the soil also inhibits grass and wildflower seed development. 

Eco Friendly Ice Melt

Safe Paw Pet Friendly Ice Melter

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Different Types Of Ice Melt Ingredients And Their Effect

Unfortunately, the treatments we use to keep our roads and walkways safe can cause extensive damage to our land and local ecosystem, as well as danger to our pets and plants. 

In any case, check the labels on any products you buy to discover the potential adverse effects.

Soil: Sodium harms the health of the ground. These de-icing salts change soil’s physical qualities, causing lawns to thin and grass to burn.

Water: Salt pollution impairs natural mixing processes in fresh surface waters such as lakes, streams, and ponds, reducing oxygen levels and ultimately killing species. 

Pets: Rock salt and calcium chloride can irritate and even burn pets’ paws. Chloride ice melt can cause stomach upset, tongue ulceration, tremors, and even convulsions in pets if swallowed.

You can avoid all these damages by using a safe, salt-free, and natural ice melt. It will neither damage your plants nor your property. In addition, your pets, plants, and vehicles are safe with this non-corrosive ice melt. 

The dual effect ingredients will melt ice without damaging your concrete and environment. It works for three days to keep your surface free from snow accumulation. 

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Safe Paw ice melt from Gaia Enterprises Inc. dissolves ice and preserves the surface by preventing ice formation for seventy-two hours. This safe, non-toxic ice melt will melt snow while giving you traction and keeping you and others safe from slip and fall accidents.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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