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Rock Salt Can Rust Your Plant And Machinery- Use This Instead

salt free ice melt

Every year more than 22 million tons of rock salt are used. Most of which is used as industrial ice melt. But popularity doesn’t confirm the quality. You may already be aware that it’s not the best way to remove snow from your premises. It’s very much damaging to the concrete as well as your garden. 

In this article, we will discuss how rock salt can damage your plant and machinery and what you can do about it.

How Rock Salt Damages Your Garden?

Salt Dehydrates Your Plants

Anyone who lives alongside the roads knows how damaging rock salt can be for their plants. The salt draws moisture from the grass and makes it go brown. This occurs when the passing cars spray the salt on stems and buds of deciduous woody plants and branches, buds, leaves, and needles of evergreen plants. This results in burns on buds and other parts of the plant. Also, it exposes the tender tissues, desiccates the bud scales, and causes many other problems in plants. This, in turn, leaves the plant unprotected, drying out all the parts of the plants. When it happens, the plant becomes weak for fighting the cold and often gets killed because of dry and cold wind. Rock salt and industrial ice melt that are chemical-based have such a damaging impact on your premises. Industrial ice melt like Power thaw industrial-strength ice melt is composed of calcium chloride ingredients.

Pollutes Water Bodies That Impact Plants Again

Plants are also affected by salt and ice melt mixed in the runoff water. In the runoff water, sodium and chloride get separated, which can lessen other mineral nutrients present in the soil. Now the plants absorb sodium and chloride instead of the other essential nutrients. 

So What to Do Instead?

Rock is damaging and harmful for the environment in many ways, but if not rock salt, then what? Several ice melts are available in the market, but you need an ice melt that won’t harm concrete and your plants. So before you choose, make sure you don’t use an ice melt that contains salt and is safe for children, animals, concrete, and plants. 

Safe Thaw is designed and formulated to keep the pets, kids, and environment in mind. It comprises a patented dual compound of modified carbonyl diamide crystal, non-ionic surfactants, unique accelerators, etc., that is 100% safe for the environment and pets. In addition, its industrial strength is suitable for harsh weather conditions; it melts ice at sub-zero temperatures and is guaranteed safe on eyes and skin.

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To Conclude-

Rock salt is damaging for any kind of plant and if you want your garden to look green and beautiful throughout the winter season, make sure you provide them with the protection they need, and that’s only possible with the help of a high-quality ice melt. 

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