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Prevent Ice Melt Damage To Your Lawn And Garden

Concrete Ice Melt

Snowfall is lovely, but once the ice melts, problems arise. One of the issues they have is that they damage your lawns. When salt is dissolved in water the needed potassium and phosphorus in the soil are replaced with sodium ions. When your driveway and paths are covered in snow, it appears that sprinkling concrete ice melt is a simple solution. De-icing products, on the other hand, can be harmful to your garden.

How To Pick The Best De-Icing Products For Your Yard

Not all de-icers and salts are created equal. Some low-cost formulas contain harsh chemicals that accumulate in the soil and damage hard surfaces. For example, the most frequently asked question- is magnesium chloride safe for concrete? Magnesium chloride is Because of its shorter active state, melting large amounts of ice and snow may be difficult and costly.

Safe Paw is a great choice when it comes to safe and non-toxic ice melters. It is not only safe for lawn and garden but also for concrete and pets. It is gentler on plants and less corrosive to stone and concrete.

Non Toxic Ice Melt

Safe Paw Pet Safe Ice Melter

Safe Paw

The Original and the #1 Pet and Child Safe Ice Melt for over 20 years. Guaranteed environmentally safe – will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.

For Shrubs And Trees

There has been salt damage when you see dieback and browning or yellowing of the leaves. If you think salt has gotten into your landscaping, you should water the plants and soil as soon as the snow melts. You can help your plants leaf out by reversing salt damage early. 

Fix Salt Buildup In The Soil

It’s difficult to avoid some salt buildup on lawns. Because they are so close to roads, driveways, and pathways. The calcium and sulfur in gypsum help counteract the effects of salt. This encourages new growth and aids in moisture retention in the soil. Also people have a doubt.“Is magnesium chloride safe for concrete? No, magnesium chloride ice melt can be used for removing small amounts of ice and snow from your home or business. But, SafePaw ice melt is recommended for extreme temperatures and larger surface areas. Rake out as much dead grass as possible, treat with gypsum, add a thin layer of compost and grass seed, and keep the seeds evenly moist until established to give your salt-affected lawn a fresh start.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


How To Create A Resilient Landscape

You can use de-icing products that are less corrosive. Windy conditions and fast-moving traffic driving through slush can cause damage to your landscaping by spraying salt over it.

  • Pay close attention to drainage and grading.
  • You can avoid salt damage by directing salty runoff toward drains and away from plants and grass.
  • Close to the road, build a wall or plant continuously.
  • Create a barrier between your landscaping and the salt spray from the road. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


In the winter, concrete ice melt is effective at keeping your landscape safe and walkable. However, given the cost and potential consequences of using too much ice-melting product, it’s worth looking into ways to use as little as possible or use Safe Paw eco-friendly ice melt. Safe Paw ice melt is regarded as the smartest and secure option. It provides convenience without sacrificing your garden plants, lawn, or masonry. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

Other Ice Melt Products

Traction Magic Ice Melt Spreader

Traction Magic

Stay safe on slippery surfaces with a product that’s 100% natural and safe for pets, people, and your property. Use Traction Magic on sidewalks, steps, or as instant traction for your car. Traction Magic provides instant traction on all icy surfaces.

Safe Thaw Non Toxic Deicer

Safe Thaw

Imagine an ice melt you can put down and never worry about. It won’t harm animals or children, and it won’t damage your property. That’s Safe Thaw. Unlike anything else on the market, Safe Thaw can change how winter affects our planet.

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