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Are Deicers Really Safe For Grass?

Deicer Safe For Grass

Keeping sidewalks and roadways clean of snow and ice is critical for public safety. There are numerous formulations of de-icing substances. But are these deicers safe for grass? The salt-based deicers are not fit for plants and soil. 

If these compounds touch the leaves, they can literally “burn” them. In addition, where drainage is an issue, these salts may accumulate in the soil profile, competing for water with plants. When concentrations reach a critical level, the soil’s physical structure becomes unsuitable for plant life. Therefore, people are now opting for safer alternatives like Safe Paw ice melt every winter.

Are Deicers Safe For Grass?

Almost all deicers are made up of calcium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, or urea. Salt attracts moisture from the soil and prevents it from reaching the grassroots. 

This dehydration hinders dormant grass from properly regrowing in the spring. Worse, roots can absorb chloride ions, preventing the plant from making chlorophyll. It depletes the plant’s energy and results in ugly brown patches on your grass. 

When the salt falls on the grass throughout the winter, you may not see it, but the repercussions will be visible when you see brown grass once the snow and ice have melted, and the spring atmosphere helps your grass to come out of its dormant state.

The damages caused by chlorides may take a long time to show. In addition, the severity of symptoms can vary depending on the type of plant, the quantity of salt or other minerals, and the amount of rain. 

Damage can occur outside the pavement boundaries, such as roads and walkways. For example, salt can be carried into nearby planting beds by spraying plows and passing automobiles, causing additional harm to shrubs. 

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How Safe Is Safe Paw Ice Melt?

Safe Paw is a more concentrated and safer deicer than conventional rock salt. As a result, less material is needed to remove hazardous ice and snow from your premises.

Grass Safe Deicer

Safe Paw Pet Friendly Ice Melter

Safe Paw

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Salt-based ice melts can get into water supplies by seeping down through the earth or spilling off highways and parking lots into reservoirs and shallow wells, causing contamination and danger to plants and aquatic life. Hence, it is better to use an ice melter that is salt-free, chloride-free, and acetate-free. 

Safe Paw is an environmentally friendly ice melt. Moreover, the remains of this ice melt can be reused for gardening and soil enrichment. You will be joyfully surprised at the favorable effects it will have on your plants as it contains the essential chemical Carbonyl Diamide.

Will Kosher Salt Melt Ice?

Kosher salt is used as an ice melt but is high in chloride contents. As a result, plants, animals, water wells, drinking water, aquatic ecosystems, and humans are all harmed at moderate and high levels. 

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Chloride-based deicers include toxic chemicals, polluting streams, and harming drinking water supplies. In addition, they destroy aquatic life, the animals that eat it, and plant life, causing damage to soil structure and foliage. Hence, to avoid all these adverse effects, we can opt for a safer, greener alternative like Safe Paw.

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