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Damaging Impact Of Rock Salt On Your Garden

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Over 22 million tons of rock salt are used on the road every year, and this is probably the most used deicer safe for concrete. But here’s something about rock salt, it’s very much damaging to the concrete as well as your garden. 

Want to know how? This article is all about that.

How Rock Salt Damages Your Garden

– Salt Draws The Moisture Out Of Plants

Anyone who lives alongside the roads knows how damaging rock salt can be for their plants. The salt draws moisture from the grass and makes it go brown. This occurs when the passing cars spray the salt on stems and buds of deciduous woody plants and branches, buds, leaves, and needles of evergreen plants. This results in burns on buds and other parts of the plant. Also, it exposes the tender tissues, desiccates the bud scales, and causes many other problems in plants. This, in turn, leaves the plant unprotected, drying out all the parts of the plants. When it happens, the plant becomes weak for fighting the cold and often gets killed because of dry and cold wind. 

– Gets Dissolved In The Runoff Water

Plants are also affected by salt mixed in the runoff water. In the runoff water, sodium and chloride get separated, which can lessen other mineral nutrients present in the soil. Now the plants absorb sodium and chloride instead of the other essential nutrients. 

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– Causes Root Dehydration

Rock salt can damage the plant when salt-laden snow is plowed or shoveled into gardens. Salts in the soil absorb the water, and this means less amount of water is available for the plant, and hence it starts to cause dehydration in roots. 

Now you know how harmful rock salt can be for your garden, but do you know what else it does? 

  • It damages the concrete and rusts the metal inside.
  • It harms animals and causes dry paws.
  • And It harms children. If ingested, it can cause many health problems. 

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So What To Do Instead?

Rock is damaging and harmful for the environment in many ways, but if not rock salt, then what? Several ice melts are available in the market, but you need an ice melt that won’t harm concrete. So before you choose, make sure you don’t use an ice melt that contains salt and is safe for children, animals, concrete, and plants. 

Safe Paw is one of the most trusted ice melts for the last 20 years and comes with 0 side effects. The best part is, it’s affordable and easy to use. All you need to do is order it, read and follow the instructions and use it for melting ice. Also, make sure you use it before the winter season, or the snowfall arrives. This will not let the snow and ice get deposited. 

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To Conclude-

Rock salt is damaging for any kind of plant and if you want your garden to look green and beautiful throughout the winter season, make sure you provide them with the protection they need, and that’s only possible with the help of a high-quality ice melt.   

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