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Alternatives To Rock Salt


During the cold winter months, when the snow is heavy, the first thought is to go out to the local store and procure some Rock Salt to melt pesky ice on driveways and walkways, at home or at businesses, making traveling much safer and easier.

Unfortunately, using rock salt can be incredibly damaging to the environment and the structural integrity of buildings, not to mention the danger to pets and children. With this in mind, many people seek out alternatives to rock salt. Some alternatives to rock salt include Sand, which can improve the safety of walking and driving on slippery surfaces while being cost effective and can continue to hold for long periods of time, although it still needs to be used in conjunction with ice melters or actual rock salt.

Other alternatives to rock salt would be to use stone grits, it wont melt ice but will once again help with safe travel. But once again needs to be mixed to be fully effective. Calcium Chloride presents more Alternatives to rock salt, being fast acting, generally environmentally friendly, and works well in sub zero temperatures, but it works only for short periods of time.

Similar alternatives to rock salt include Magnesium Chloride, which can be highly effective, derived from dead sea salts, although also isn’t as sustainable. There are many more alternatives to rock salt, each product seemingly containing pros and cons, so there are many important questions to be asked before purchasing, such as, what product works best for you, the area it will be used and will it be used around children and pets?

The one product that stands out among all alternatives to rock salt is Gaia Enterprises Safe Paw Ice Melter. Developed in 1998, and created out of Gaia’s belief in the importance of sustainable products and being unsatisfied with the standards of safety in the marketplace, Safe Paw Ice Melter is truly unique as it contains no harmful chemicals, does not contain salt, and is completely one hundred percent safe to use around residential or business areas. It is also completely safe to use around children and pets.

Using a patented dual-effect compound, Safe Paw Ice Melter is made up of a crystalline amide core infused with special glycol’s which is non-corrosive and non-toxic. This makes it fast acting and speeds up the melting process. So not only is it safer, but it’s more effective than other alternatives to rock salt.

Being distributed in pellet form, Safe Paw Ice Melter covers more ground than other alternatives to rock salt and will not ruin concrete, brick or wood structures or roads. Unlike other alternatives to rock salt, Safe Paw Ice Melter is of the highest quality with a focus on sustainability. With it being completely safe to use around children and animals, you are always guaranteed safety and the knowledge you are not harming the environment. Making other alternatives to rock salt invalid, Safe Paw Ice Melter is a true call to action against snow and ice.

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