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De Icer vs Anti-Icing


Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face,” these are the words of Victor Hugo, a French dramatist, poet, and dramatist from the 1800s. Winter can be a depressing time with lots of snow and little sun. Research has even confirmed that there is a specific mental disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), that is prevalent in during the winter period. It is understandable that we can easily lose our heads in the midst of all this snow. The break in life pattern caused by the heavy snow during winter is just overwhelming. It is however possible to remain in control of your life and circumstances at this time.

De-Icing or Anti-Icing: Which is Better?

De-icing is simply the painstaking removal of snow, frost, or ice from any surface. Thanks to scientific advances, de-icing can now be done using chemicals. The challenge with de-icing is that you have to keep doing it over and over again. This can become monotonous, tiring, and depressing. Anti-icing on the other hand is more effective because it lasts longer. Anti-icing involves application of a specially formulated de icer that effectively removes the ice that has built up on a surface, and also prevents further ice build-up for some time. On this merit, anti-icing seems to be the better choice because by using an appropriate de icer,

Selecting an Effective De-Icer

We now have more than a dozen de icing products on the market. Getting lost in the midst of all these alternatives is closer than you thought. It is however easier to make the right choice given the right information. When choosing a de icer for your home, it is important to have you kids, pets, property, and yourself in mind. It is therefore advisable that you go for de icing products that are environmentally friendly, and safe for your children, pets, and property. You do not want something that harms your families health or your property.

A safe de icer should also be able to last you more than a couple of days so that you do not keep doing it every now and then. The “safepaw ice melter” is currently the most effective, child and pet safe de-icer in the market. It is does not have any harmful chemical elements in it and does not harm your property through corrosion. Does not even leave marks on the surface.

SafePaw is not just a de icer, it is an anti-icing agent that works its magic fast. The liquid part of the product melts the ice while the crystal core destabilizes the ice as it penetrates. This speeds up the process. SafePaw further contains a traction agent that acts as a shield preventing further build of ice on the surfaces for three days. Having clear paths around your home creates the impression that you are free. You no longer feel confined inside your house and this kind of makes you less gloomy. Shop for “SafePaw” online and enjoy your winter.