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De-Icer vs Anti-Icing: Which is Better?


De-icing is simply the removal of snow, frost, or ice from any surface. This can be a manual process, think shovel and ice pick, or a chemical one with a melting agent like magnesium cloride or it’s envoromentally safe alternative, Safe Paw. The challenge with de-icing is that you have to keep doing it over and over again. Anti-icing on the other hand is more effective because it lasts longer.

Anti-icing involves application of a specially formulated de-icer that effectively lowers the freezing tempurature of water to prevent ice from building up on a surface. Anti-icing however has it’s limitations. Too much precipitation over a short period of time or tempuratures that fall below the new freezing point can renderer Anti-icing ineffective.

Selecting an Effective De-Icer and Anti-Icer

When choosing a de-icer or anti-icer for your home, it is important to have your kids, pets, property, and yourself in mind. Look for products that are environmentally friendly, and safe for your children, pets, and property. With Safe Paw, you don’t have to choose between a De-Icer or Anti-Icer.

Safe Paw ice melter is currently the most effective, child and pet safe de-icing product on the market. It is does NOT utilize harmful chemical elements in it and does not harm your property through corrosion.

As anti-icing agent Safe Paw Ice Melter keeps your walk ways, driveway and outdoor surfaces free of ice, when applied as instructed. The liquid contained in the Safe Paw granuals melts the ice while the crystal core destabilizes the ice as it penetrates. This speeds up the melting process. Safe Paw further contains a traction agent that acts as a shield preventing further build of ice on the surfaces for up to three days.

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