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How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Snow Removal Service?

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Snow removal becomes a nasty task every time winters arrive, and we often fail to equip ourselves with the right tools to clear the snow. While snow removal services are available in most places around us, we want to keep a few essential tools handy to ensure we do not fall back or have any problems during winters.

Besides using the best ice melt for pavers, we must-have tools such as a shovel, snow blower, scraper, etc., to help us in our daily clean-up procedures. But there will come a time when heavy snowfall will disrupt the normalcy around you, and you would want to undertake the services of a professional snow removal service.

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What type of services do snow removal professionals provide?

Snow Clearing Equipment

Snowplows remove every speck of snow from your pavers, driveways, pathways and allow quick application ice melt for pavers. Snow removal companies help you efficiently remove snow and ice from your surroundings, especially if you cannot do so. The team of professionals is trained to handle all types of equipment and ensure you are left hassle-free. They remove snow with the help of specialized equipment and clear your landscape to make room for flowers and plants to get fresh air.

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They also help to deice your surroundings to ensure maximum safety. For example, they can pre-treat the surface and come back to apply a coat of ice melt for pavers to prevent you from falling and slipping. It also helps to give an excellent grip to your vehicles.

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Snow and ice-covered parking lots, driveways, and pavers are tough to walk on. But, with the help of professional snow removal services, you are rest assured that they will carry out their services correctly with high-quality equipment. So now, you no longer need to spend hours raking and shoveling the snow that would ultimately hurt your back.

How much does it cost to hire a professional snow removal service?

The services are usually priced on an hourly basis, but you can outsource them for a specific period on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

On average, snow removal companies charge $25 to $80 per session for removing snow with shovels or snow-blowers. If there is a snowstorm, they may charge an additional fee starting at $30. 

The snow removal services’ pricing also differs if they apply the best ice melt for pavers and large clear premises. Additionally, they may also charge differently on the amount of snow cleared per inch. For example, they may charge $50 or more to clear up to 6 inches of snow.

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