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Car In The Garage In Winter: Good Or Bad?

Avoid Kosher Salt To Melt Ice

The garage protects your car’s paint and finishes from the sun’s harmful rays and rust-inducing rain in the summer. During winter storms, your automobile is safe inside the garage, away from the snow and ice. But do you have any idea that keeping your car in the garage in winter can damage it?

It’s common knowledge that the salt we use to treat our roads throughout the winter is bad for your car’s body panels and undercarriage. Metal rusts when exposed to salt. People use ice melt with magnesium chloride or kosher salt to melt ice, but these products also contain corrosive chloride. Let’s find out how to ensure your car’s safety this winter.

Car In Garage


In cold weather, parking your automobile outside can hasten the corrosion of your brakes. While some rust is unavoidable in the winter, you may decrease the amount of moisture your vehicle is exposed to by keeping it parked inside. 

Battery difficulties can occur if you park your automobile outside in harsh weather. On the one hand, the heat might cause your battery fluid to evaporate, reducing the life expectancy of your automobile battery.

During extreme weather events, you incur a larger risk of vehicle body damage if you park outside. Heat and sunlight can cause your car’s dashboard, steering wheel, and upholstery to deteriorate.

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Most people are unaware that storing their car in the garage during the winter can exacerbate the rusting effects of road salt.

As you drive, salt collects in the fenders and other crevices of your automobile, producing rust. But you might not understand that when you get home and park in your garage, the slushy ice that has accumulated on the roadways will melt due to the heat of the engine – as well as the warmer air in your garage – and the water that develops can boost the salt’s rust-forming capabilities. 

This may actually cause your automobile to rust more than if you keep it outside. Furthermore, because of the lack of circulation in your garage, the moist areas on your automobile will not evaporate as rapidly.

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Taking Care Of Your Car

By using a safe, salt-free, and natural ice melt, you can protect your car from rusting and other toxic effects of chlorides. Avoid using rock salt or kosher salt to melt ice. Whether you have access to covered parking or not, a salt-free ice melt will ensure the protection of your car and property from snow and ice. You can take extra precautions to preserve your vehicle by: 

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  • Using a car cover that is waterproof 
  • Using a sunshade to cover the windshield 
  • Getting your automobile washed on a regular basis
  • Avoid overheating the garage in the winter
  • Ensuring that the location is sufficiently ventilated can help our vehicle dry out faster and reduce humidity.

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You won’t have to scrape off the ice and snow that accumulates if you park your car in the garage at night. It not only saves you time but also prevents you from scratching your car with an ice-scraper. By using a salt-free ice melt, you can avoid the dangers of corrosive chlorides.

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