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How Rock Salt Affects Your Vehicle

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In many parts of the country, icy, snowy roads necessitate the use of salt and other ice-melting products to make them passable in the winter. While road salt is necessary for road safety, it can also cause harm to your vehicle. 

How To Rock Salt Damages Your Vehicle

Steel, which is an alloy of iron with carbon and other elements, is used to make the majority of automotive components, including the body, suspension, and braking parts. When iron comes into contact with water and oxygen, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in iron oxide, often known as rust. 

Salt allows electrons to travel more quickly within that chemical reaction, speeding up the rusting process on bare steel components rather than creating it. 

Road salt corrodes the car’s paint, causing rust to grow beneath the surface, bubbling up, and the metal becoming brittle and flaky. The damaged area eventually breaks loose, and if left untreated, a hole can form. 

Road salt encourages rust and can harm a vehicle’s mechanics. The undercarriage of a car or truck contains several spots where road salt can cause damage if not removed. It might be difficult to locate impacted regions, so having the vehicle inspected by a specialist is a smart option. Rust can cause damage to the car’s frame and hydraulic brake system, making it hazardous to drive.

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Some Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Safe From Rock Salt

Stay away from salt-based products. Do check the ingredients of your ice melt before buying it. Avoid using any chloride-based ice melter for the roof or driveway. 

Wax acts as an invisible screen, protecting the paint surface. To protect it from corrosive salt, apply a solid, thick coat before the winter season begins. Also, seal the undercarriage. 

Make sure your tires are clean and clear of salt before winter arrives. Then, throughout the winter, keep monitoring and cleaning. 

Use a DIY car wash with high-pressure hoses to spray the salt off hard-to-reach locations like beneath wheel wells and behind fenders to ensure comprehensive quality control. Also, hose down the undercarriage. 

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When driving through enormous pools of water, be cautious. They not only collect a lot of slimy filth, but they also attract road-crew salt.

If you must travel in inclement weather, avoid doing so immediately before and after a snowstorm, as you are more likely to encounter fresh road salt. 

Do not drive in thick snow for both car care and safety reasons. Salt can be packed into the undercarriage by thick snow, making it difficult to remove. It frequently results in corrosion and even drivability issues.

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The majority of salt damage occurs beneath the car, where it is difficult to notice. Washing your car at a carwash with an under-spray removes salt before it causes corrosion. In the winter, wash your car frequently, especially after storms when roads may have been coated with salt. 

Finally, keep a safe distance from salt or brine-spreading service trucks. You want to stay away from the spray and reduce the amount of salt that gets on your car’s underbelly. Avoid deep puddles of melting, salty snow whenever feasible for the same reason. By using a chloride-free ice melt you can safeguard your vehicle from corrosion and other salt hazards. So next time when you plan to get ice melter for the roof or driveway, or walkway, choose salt-free, natural ice melt.

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