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6 Must-Know Alternatives To Road Salt


With the alarming rate of the cases submitted, over the continued use of salt on roads by credible institutions, alternatives to road salts like Safe Paw are the way to go. With governments spending most of its budget on making sure there is little or no hindrance to the way of doing business during winter seasons, which may in-turn have a negative impact to the economy, there is a danger looming in ensuring a balanced environment. The balance is very easy to come by, just by using SafePaw environmentally friendly ice melter over road salt. Over time use of salt has been considered by most of these governments, but it has proven beyond reasonable doubt that if continued we will have greater challenges to deal with soon enough. The six reasons road salts are dangerous and require a safe alternative:


The salt has the ability to corrode our car body works which are metallic in nature, eat away the metal that are used in the vehicles and to a greater extent the brake linings are not left behind.

Environmental pollution

With the continued use of salt on our soil, chlorine gets its way to the underground stream and rivers interfering with the living conditions of the fish and all living sea creatures. The water also gets contaminated making the conditions hard for the vegetation and animals’ that are dependent of fresh water, which can become harmful and toxic. Therefore, whether by runoff or through underground water our water bodies become very prone to pollution.


Chloride levels in the water should always remain far below the unsafe level of 250mg/l. However, the continued use of salt may cause the rise of this chloride in water to toxic levels posing a very possible danger to the community and living things that depend on the water.

Pets are not left behind in this danger of the increased use of salt. By licking themselves they are exposed to the poisoning of their lives with this level of toxicity.

Childrens’ innocence makes them to be very vulnerable to the dangers posed by the environment they are exposed to. Doctors have recorded a greater number of incidences during such periods as they emanate from the excessive chlorine on their disposal.

Alternatives to road salt is the best and the only sure way to have these plus many other effects reduced for a better and healthy living. The alternative should be

Environmental friendly

It should be non-corrosive to all metals. It should be safe on rubber, plastics, and paints also. It should provide safety on pavements, concrete and asphalt decreasing the number of possible dangers that may occur through accidents.


Having alternatives to salt road will minimize greatly the number of incidences reported on pets and children being affected directly or indirectly, giving the parents peace of mind.

The plants and the living creatures will also be off the hook as their inhabitation will be safe from any pollution and toxic materials.


Alternatives will always ensure there are no staining or even destruction of flooring. The pavements, roads and even concrete will serve their purpose uninterrupted.

These are among the benefits that you will find in using Safe Paw which is the sure way of protecting our pets and their surroundings from the undesirable effects of salt on roads.

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