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Best Ways To Deice Your Car Windshield

How To Remove Ice

Winters not only affect your home and your surroundings, but they also affect your vehicles. If you have a closed garage space, you are most probably more sorted than the others. However, nearly 50% of cars are parked in open spaces and are most likely to get affected by severe winter. The biggest problem with cars parked in the open is ‘how to remove ice from the windshield and deice the door handles

A few ice melting solutions for cars are cost-effective and easy to use. However, waking up one winter morning only to find that your car windshield is covered with ice and snow is nothing less than a nightmare.

Tarp Sheet

We already know winters are here, and we will have to face the wrath of snow and ice, so why not prepare ourselves in advance? Spreading a tarp sheet on the windshield at night or before snowfall will ensure the snow does not come in contact with the windshield at all. Then, the following day you can carefully remove the tarp sheet and see minimal layering on the screen.

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Another way to remove ice from the windshield is to switch on the defroster of the car. It is a slightly tedious process, considering you will have to patiently wait in the cold to oversee this ice melting solution for cars; however, it works. The ice will slowly melt outside because of the heat generated inside the vehicle.

Ice Melting Solution For Cars

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Vinegar Solution

While it is not required, having debris cleared during the inspection is suggested. The accumulation of Three parts vinegar with one part of the water work wonders to remove ice from the windshield too. Carefully mix the ingredients and spray it on the windshield and the door handles as well. Yes, the door handles, too, because the icy layer will not only be on the windshield but all your doors. Be careful using the mixture, as too much vinegar can ruin the shine and gloss of your screen and paint. Once the mixture begins to melt, you can use a small scraper and remove the excess ice and snow.

Isopropyl Solution

Use 70% isopropyl solution with one part water a small amount of dish wash soap. Mix the ingredients carefully and spread them on the icy layer. It will quickly loosen the ice on the windshield, making it far easier to scrape off the mixture. If you wait a little longer, you can quickly remove it with the help of your vipers too.

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While there are many ways on how to remove ice from your windshield, you have to choose the one that will not damage it nor cause any scratches. With Safe Paw, you can evenly spread it over the icy windscreen, sees the glycols work their magic, and scrape off the remaining residue with a scraper. Again, it does not harm the screen, nor does it create any cracks. With multiple ice melting solutions for cars today, you know you can try the one that suits you the best. The only thing- you cannot ignore the process, especially if you stay in cold regions.

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